• Welcome to Polltech Instruments Pvt Ltd
    The people who understand Air Pollution Monitoring

Welcome to Polltech Instruments Pvt Ltd

The people who understand Air Pollution Monitoring


We take pride in being one of the leaders in providing comprehensive services in the specialized field of Air Pollution Mointoring. We have carved a niche for ourselves by catering to the air pollution monitoring needs of Indian industries through our feature-rich state of the art instruments and technical support.

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Indian Technical Firsts to our credit

  • Automatic Iso-Kinetic Stack gas sampler.
  • Methods 5 and 13 Add-ons for our method 17 sampler.
  • Digital Display of Flow etc. in our High Volume Samplers.
  • Cumulative STP corrected volume in SPM Samplers
  • Design & fabrication of US EPA compliant PM10 samplers.
  • Design and fabrication of PM 2.5 Sampler.
  • Pressure calibrators accurate to 0.05%.
  • Flow calibrators accurate to 1%.
  • Top Loading Orifice Flow Calibrator.
  • Radon Monitoring System
  • Spark Counters
  • Programmable Counting Systems

Our Speciality & Focus

Build On Technical Excellence and grow through Customer Trust

Strong Product Designs

PIPL products are designed to be fully compliant with technical requirements of reference methods recommended by US EPA and CPCB in respect of materials, dimensions, finishes, tolerances and procedures. Many of our designs incorporate superior components with lower tolerances, higher resolutions thereby giving us higher stability, better accuracies of measurement, which frequently exceed US EPA specifications.

Our design philosophy builds reliability into our products to ensure sustenance of the product specifications over product life time under various operating conditions.

Maximum features at minimum cost

We have consciously opted to avail indigenous technology where possible and focus on providing maximum features so our products are always value optimized.

User friendly features like alpha numeric LCDs, keypads, multi function keys, guided instrument operation, easy data retrieval, reporting and analyzing tools make our products very intuitive and easy to operate while keeping them still more reasonably priced than other market options.

  • Ambient & Work Place Monitoring
  • Stack Emission Monitoring
  • Flow metering
  • Pressure measurement
  • Volume measurement
  • Temperature measurement
  • Humidity measurement
  • Time measurement
  • Custom specified measurement

Customer Centric Approach

We believe in providing uninhibited and personalized access to the highest level of technical management for providing advice and support.

We tender expert advice and support our potential and existing customers for any guidance they may need before product selection. We provide detailed technical specifications upfront respecting the customers need for information. We are amenable to carrying out custom designs to meet special customer requirements.