Laminar Gas flow Calibrator

Compact, lightweight direct reading Flow Meter for measurement of flow for a gas selected from multiple options.

Bernoulli's equation is the fundamental principle on which differential pressure (∆p) flow meters are based.

In these ∆p flow meters, a constriction is introduced in the flow path, which results in a pressure drop across the constriction. The greater the flow, the more is the pressure drop.

As per Bernoulli’s equation, the pressure drop across the constriction is proportional to the square of the flow rate.

A Laminar Flow Element (LFE) is a special kind of constriction, through which the fluid flow is in laminar regime (low Reynolds number). The pressure drop across this element is linear in relation to the flow rate.

This enhances accuracy of reading at lower flow rates and increases the “turn down ratio” from the usual 10:1 to 100:1.

The flow is computed by measuring differential pressure and making corrections with data from temperature and absolute pressure sensors.

Available Model : PSI -LGFC


Calibrations of gas flow meters.

Physical Design Highlights

PSI -LGFC is a microprocessor based hand held instrument. It utilizes a Linear Flow Element suitable coupled with a differential pressure sensor. It also includes sensors for measuring temperature and absolute pressure. The user interface comprises a 4 lines by 20 characters OLED Display and a 9-key key pad. It is also provided with a USB port for data transfer to a PC.

All the electronics and the sensors housed in a hand held elegant and sturdy imported cabinet.

Salient Features :

  • Based on Linear Flow Element
  • Uses Pressure sensors and Temperature sensor for measurement of LFE parameters
  • Microprocessor based electronics
  • Measurement accuracy better than ± 1% of reading
  • Four different models covering all ranges of flow up to 300 LPM
  • Suitable for large number of gases
  • Automatic correction for selected gas
  • Wide choice for unit of measurement

Specifications :

Flow Measuring Range From 1 cc/minute to 300 LPM
Flow Sensor Laminar Flow Element (LFE)
Flow Inference Methodology Flow is inferred from the differential pressure (∆p) developed across LFE
Flow Vs ∆p Relation Linear
Accuracy Better than± 1% of Reading
Gas measured Use selectable from dry air, wet air, Nitrogen, Argon, Oxygen etc.
Unit of measurement Use selectable from
cm3/sec (ccs), cm3/min (ccm), Liters/sec (LPS), Liters/min (LPM), Liters/hr (LPH), Std cm3/sec (sccs), Std cm3/min (sccm), cu ft/sec(CFS), cu ft/min(CFM), Std cu ft/hr(SCFH), Std cu ft/sec(SCFS), Std cu ft/min(SCFM), Std cu ft/hr(SCFH), milligram/sec (mgs), milligram/min (mgm), milligram/hr(mgh)
Flow Mode Use selectable from
Flow at Operating Conditions, Flow at STP
Mass Flow at operating condition and at STP
Other User Settings Averaging Period, Data Transfer Rate, Data Storage Frequency
Parameters Displayed Gas, Temperature, Pressure, Flow Rate, Battery Status
Display 4 lines x 20character alphanumeric OLED Module
Operating Keys 9 Nos.
Key Functions Select gas, Select Flow mode, Auto zero
Inc/ Scroll up, Dec/ Scroll Down, Escape, Fn, Return
Operating Supply Built-in Li-ion battery with USB charger
Dimensions 260 x 130 x 45 mm


Filter cartridges, Carrying case / bag

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