PM2.5 Sampling Equipment

Determination of PM2.5 emissions from stationary sources is carried out as per the stipulations of US EPA Method 201A.

In this method, a gas sample is extracted at constant flow rate from the source through an in-stack cyclone which is used to separate PM greater than PM2.5 and an in-stack glass fiber filter is used to collect the PM2.5. Flow rate needs to satisfy two conditions.

It should be isokinetic as well as constant. These conditions should be met as nearly as possible. This necessitates the equipment to include different types of nozzles.

PM2.5 Sampling Equipment

Our PM2.5 Sampling Equipment Model PEM - STPM2.5-X is designed to enable sampling of PM2.5 from stack emissions in compliance with method 201A. PEM - STPM2.5-X comprises a in-stack cyclone and a set of 12 nozzles and a filter holder. The nozzles with various bore size are manufactured to the interior dimensional specifications as defined in US EPA Method 201A. The shank has a ½“ BSP connection for easy adaption to method 17 thimble holder-probe assembly.

Model PEM - STPM2.5-X in conjunction in conjunction with our Pitob Assembly comprising a Pitot Tube and K type thermocouple and one of the Control Modules PEM-SMK10 or PEM-SMK20 or PEM-SMS4 and a sampling pump module will form a complete PM2.5 Sampling System.

PEM-STPM2.5-X can also be used as an add-on to an existing Method 17 isokinetic sampling system.