Method 201 : PM2.5

US EPA Method OTM 27.compliant equipment for measurement of PM2.5 emitted by a stationary sources

In-stack measurement of particulate matter (PM) emissions equal to or less than an aerodynamic diameter of nominally 10µm (PM10) and 2.5 µm (PM2.5) from stationary Sources is carried out as per US EPA Method OTM 27. In this method, a gas sample is extracted at constant flow rate from the source through one or more an in-stack sizing device. The sizing device can be a cyclone designed to separate PM10, or a cyclone designed to separate PM2.5 or a combination of two cyclones to provide both size cuts. An in-stack glass fiber filter is used to collect the particulate matter.

Method 201 : PM25

To maintain Iso-kinetic flow rate conditions at the tip of the probe and a constant flow rate through the cyclone, a set of 12 nozzles are provided. Variations from iso-kinetic sampling conditions are maintained within well defined limits.

Available Model : PEM - STPM 2.5-X


USEPA Method OTM 27 compliant measurement of PM2.5 emitted by a stationary source.

Physical Design Highlights

Polltech’s model PEM-STPM10-X comprise a in-stack cyclone and a set of 12 nozzles of various bore size manufactured to the interior dimensional specifications as defined in US EPA OTM 27. The shank has a &frac;“ BSP connection for easy adaption to method 17 thimble holder-probe assembly. It can be used in conjunction with our Automatic Stack Monitoring Systems, Manual Stack Monitoring System. The cyclone kit is enclosed in a sturdy foam lined stainless steel case. A compact in-line filter holder for 47 mm filter paper is available optionally for collection of PM2.5.

Method 201 : PM2.5

Method 201 : PM2.5

Salient Features

  • Meets all requirements of USEPA Method OTM 27 with respect to materials, construction and tolerances and finishes
  • Cyclone and Set of 12 Nozzles.


Equipment Item Specifications
Cyclone Made of SS316 as per interior dimensional specifications mentioned in US EPA OTM 27
Nozzles Set A set of 12 nozzles made from SS316 with sharp tapered leading edge. Nozzle diameters vary from 3.18 mm( 0.125”) to 8.13 mm( 0.320”).
Connection ½” BSP (M) standard. Others-optional
Carrying Case Foam padded stainless steel. Size - 26 x 18 x 8 Cm.
Filter Holder In-line type for 47 mm circular filter ( Optional )

Salient Features

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