Digital Low Flow Calibrator

An easy to use standard low flow meter for calibration of low range flow measuring instruments in air sampling equipment and industrial processes.

Digital Low Flow Calibrator

Sampling is one of the most common method employed in air pollution monitoring. Flow measurement is fundamental to this method for accurate determination of the extent of pollution in the air.

In order to ensure that the accuracy of the measurement stays within the claimed specifications, calibration of flow measuring instruments needs to be carried out on a periodic basis, normally once a year with an air flow calibrator, which is called a standard instrument.

Calibrators are characterized by high accuracy, reproducibility, high reliability and stability. A calibrator’s accuracy itself needs to be verified against a known primary or secondary standard and is called traceability of calibration.

Digital Low Flow Calibrator meets all the above mentioned requirements.

Available Model : PSI - DCF1 (L) with choice of mains or battery

Applications :

Calibration of low flow air sampling pumps(vacuum or pressure), rotameters, digital orifice flow meters and also finds use in Gas Chromatography systems.

Physical Design Highlights

By automating the process of bubble sensing in a soap film bubble meter and by adding to it the speed and accuracy of a microprocessor, it saves the user the tedium of bubble formation, watching and manual timing. With its hands free operation, you have best of both the worlds; you can still see the bubble and also have an accurate quartz clock for timing and a digital display enhancing the precision of measurement.

Salient Features :

  • Primary Standard
  • Auto Ranging
  • Fully Portable
  • Tracks Multiple Bubbles
  • Average Mode
  • Wide Measuring Range

Specifications :

Flow Measuring Range From 1.00 cc/min to 500.0 cc/min – auto ranging
Flow Sensor Optically tracked Soap bubble
Flow computation methodology Volume ÷ Time of flight of soap bubble
Accuracy ± 2% of Reading
Display 16 character alphanumeric backlit LCD Module
Operating Keys 2 Nos.
Key Functions Average, Reset
Power Supply 6 VDC through a adaptor for 110-230 V AC,
Optional operating Supply Rechargeable Li-ion Battery with Charger
Dimensions 23 cm (H) x 15cm (W) x 14cm (D)


Soap solution for Digital Flow Calibrator, Filter cartridges, Carrying case / bag

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