PC based TLD Measurement System

A Versatile tool for TLD research studies

Available Model : Model PSI–TLD 1


  • Research Studies on different TLD materials
PC based TLD Measurement System

Physical Design Highlights

Model PSI-TLD 1 comprises two units as described below :

1. Heating control and luminescence measurement Unit

This unit comprises two modules

1.1 The Sample heater and luminescence measurement module

PC based TLD Measurement System

This module comprises a light tight drawer assembly which houses a sample holder cum heating element made of Kanthal to which a Thermocouple is welded. On top of the drawer assembly is mounted a photomultiplier subassembly. A provision for flushing with an inert gas like Nitrogen is given.

1.2 Temperature control and measuring module

This microprocessor based module provides the electronic power to the heating element housed in the drawer assembly. It supplies power to the heater in accordance with the programmed temperature profile. It works as a slave to the PC based operator station and is connected to the same through a serial port connection. It implements various commands issued by PC. It carries out the temperature and luminescence measurements and sends the data to the host system for further processing.

The module also provides visual indications to indicate the status of Mains Power, Heater and Measurements. It also provides an additional Switch for controlling the switching of Heater power.

2. PC based Operator station

This unit is the brain of the system. The operating application software running on this station provides the user operator a very versatile Operator Machine Interface to enable the operator to carry out all the functions required to carry out TLD measurements, data acquisition, data processing and data management. It works as the host / master of TCMS.

Salient Features

  • Sample holder and heating element made of Kanthal.
  • Light-tight Sample drawer assembly for ease of insertion and removal of samples.
  • TLD material sample accepted in powder or a disc form.
  • PWM-based compact, highly stable and accurate electronic power heating system.
  • Photomultiplier used as luminescence detection and measurement device.
  • Micro-controller based programmable heating profile manager and temperature controller.
  • PC based versatile Operator Station
  • Versatile application software affording a large variety of functions

Detailed Technical Specifications

TLD Sample

Form and size TLD sample can be either in the form of Powder or a planchet / disc
Sample Holder Light-tight drawer assembly

Sample Heating System

Sample Heating element Kanthal (FeCrAl) strip, Resistance heating
Heating Power Technology Electronic PWM
Temperature Range Ambient to 500°C

Temperature Profile

Number of Programmable Segments 4 Segments : 3 Heating segments, 1 Cooling segment
Heating segment Type Each programmable as a Ramp or Iso-thermal
Ramp Rate User programmable from 1°C /sec to 40°C /sec
Maximum Total Run Time( Sum of all segment times) 500 Seconds

Temperature Measurement & Control

Temperature Sensor K-Type Thermocouple
Measurement accuracy 1°C
Temperature Control Technique Micro-controlled based PID

Luminescence Measurement

Measurement Device 25 mm Dia. Photomultiplier Tube (PMT) with Quartz window
High Voltage for PMT Adjustable 400 V - 1250 Volts
PMT Current range 10 uA – 50 uA
PMT Protection Measurements aborted and HV switched off when PMT current exceeds 50uA


The whole system comprises two units
1. Heating control and luminescence measurement Unit which comprises two modules
1.1 The Sample heater and luminescence measurement module
1.2 Temperature control and measuring module (TCMS)
2. Operator Station

Sample heater and luminescence measurement module

Location External / Stand Alone
Assemblies / sub-assemblies included / housed Sample Drawer assembly, Aluminium and bakelite, Heating Element, Temperature Sensor, Photomultiplier with associated electronics, Nozzle for flushing gas ( optional), LED for PMT Testing
Material of Construction Powder Coated Aluminium and Bakelite

Temperature control and measuring Module (TCMM)

Functionality Heating Profile Implementation, Temperature Control, Temperature and Luminescence measurement
Technology Micro-controller based
LCD Display 2 line x 20 Character A/N display
Communication with Operator Station RS-232 serial port, user settable baud rate from 9600-57600 baud
Material of Construction Powder coated MS /Al elegant cabinet
Power Supply 230 VAC 50 Hz

Operator Station

Technology PC Based
Configuration Acts as Host with Temperature control and measuring module(TCMM) as the slave
Interface RS-232 serial communication with settings same as TCMM port
Application Software PI’s proprietary software providing versatile HMI for profile programming, data acquisition, data processing and presentation and management.