Method 17 : In-Stack PM

In this method, particulate matter (PM) is withdrawn isokinetically from the source and is collected on a cellulose or glass fiber filter maintained at stack temperature. The PM mass, which includes any material that condenses at or above the stack gas temperature, is determined gravimetrically after the removal of uncombined water.

The figure shows the schematics of a typical PM sampling system complying with Method 17 of US EPA.

Method 17 : In-Stack PM

A typical Method 17 compliant isokinetic sampling system for particulate sampling comprises the following components, devices and subassemblies etc.

  • Control Module for controlling the operation of the sampling system.
  • Sampling pump for drawing sample of stack gas.
  • Sampling probe consisting of Sampling Nozzle, S type Pitot Tube and Thermocouple.
  • Particulate filtering system comprising a cellulose or glass fiber thimble filter housed in a filter holder which is inside the stack at stack gas temperature.
  • A moisture removal system comprising a cooled condenser or a set of impingers placed in a cooled bath.

Specifications :

Component Method 17
1. Control Module No difference
2. Sampling pump No difference
3. Pitot Tube No difference
4. Thermocouple No difference
5. Thermocouple Thimble Filter holder placed in the stack
6. Sample transport pipe Not heated
7. Moisture removal device No difference