Method 26A : Halogens & Halides

Halogens and Hydrogen Halides Sampling Equipment

Facilitates sampling of halogens and hydrogen halides in complinace with US EPA Method 26/26A.

Measurement of Halogens Chlorine (Cl2), Bromine (Br2) and halides Hydrogen Chloride (HCl), Hydrogen Bromide (HBr), Hydrogen Fluoride (HF), emitted from stationary sources viz. Industrial stacks is carried out as per US EPA Method 26/26A.

Halogens and Hydrogen Halides Sampling Equipment

Available Model: PEM-HHS1-X

Applications :

Model PEM - HHS 1-X complies with the requirements of method 26 / 26A and includes all components specified therein. It is used in conjunction with our Stack Monitoring system SMS4 and Heated Filter box HFB.

Physical Design Highlights :

The equipment consists of a set of glass nozzles, a heated glass lined probe ( model PEM-HGLP-3S), a heated filter box (model PEM-HFB-2), an insulated PTFE sample transport tube and a sample collection equipment consisting of 5 or 6 glass impingers in an impinger box. The metering system for iso-kinetic sampling can be either be a manual kit ( PEM-SMK-10) or automatic kit (PEM SMS-4). The sample collection module can also be provided as add-on for an existing EPA method 5 sampling train.

PEM-HHS1-X is ideally suited for EPA method 26A and comprises of a specially designed impinger box that consists of five or six number of glass impinger tubes with leak tight ball and cup joints. The impingers are housed in a thermally insulated box which can be filled with ice to remove the moisture by condensation and to cool the reagents. The hydrogen halides and halogens present in the sample are adsorbed in appropriate solutions placed in the impingers. Polltech provides a set of six glass impingers of Greenburg Smith type of 240 ml capacity. The 1st impinger can be a knock-out impinger with short stem. The 2nd and 3rd are with standard tip while 4th and 5th are with modified tip. The last impinger is with Silica gel and has provision for measurement of outgoing gas with a thermometer or digital temperature indicator. All impingers have leak free spherical ball and cup joints are housed in a light weight thermally insulated box.

Salient Features :

  • Compliant with US EPA Method 26/26A
  • Can be combined with a particulate matter train

Applications :

  • Monitoring of emissions from industrial stack to determine the concentration of Chlorine and Bromine gases and HCl, HBr and HF in the gaseous effluents.

Technical Specification :

Equipment Item Specifications
Impinger Train Six Greenburg-Smith impingers of 240 ml capacity. 1st Knock-out with short stem, 2nd and 3rd with standard tip, 4thand 5th with modified tip and 6th with silica gel.
Connections Internal Leak-free spherical ground glass joints.
Gas Temperature Measurement Mercury in Bulb Thermometer / Digital Thermometer
Impinger Box Light weight thermally insulated Box
Connections - External PTFE / Pushfit Unions suitable for 12 mm OD tube
Dimension 20(W) x 43(L) x 35(H) cm
Weight 6 Kg

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