Flue Gas Analysers : 2 Gas, 5 Gas, 7 Gas

NDIR based: CO, CO2, Hydrocarbon

Model FEM - 7 Microprocessor based Portable Fuel Efficiency the Instruments - Optimize combustion efficiency, analyze data and save money.

The micro-controller and architecture ensures simplicity in use., trouble free performance, cost effectiveness and reliability. Operation is with the help of seven keys and fully menu driven. Stored data can be viewed or downloaded to a computer through USB.

Available Model : FEM - 7


Measurement of exhaust gases from boilers, Furnaces, Heaters, Kilns order to improve combustion efficiency and reduction in pollutant gases released by these devices.

Flue Gas Analyzers


Measured Parameters : Oxygen and temperature. Optionally four additional gases based on electrochemical sensors and two gases on NDIR sensors or one Pellistor and one NDIR sensor can also be incorporated. Please see a table for optional gases and their ranges offered.

Stored Parameters : Date, Time, Name of Company Surveyed / Equipment / Sampling Point which is user programmable and all selected parameters of each reading is logged.

Data stored can be downloaded to a computer for permanent storage and subsequently printed.

Report menu to view specific range of readings.

User programmable for three non conventional fuels. (One each for Solid, liquid and gaseous fuels.)

Data for 28 standards fuels preprogrammed.

Elegant Gas cum Temperature probe with integral filter and cooler. Molded hose for 1.5 m length.

Auto and manual sampling mode.

Auto Oxygen calibration at start-up on request.

Auto Power Off.

Standard Specifications

Display 128 x 64 Graphic with Backlight
Power 6V NiMH rechargeable Battery
Low Battery Indication Provided
In-built Pump 8" Hg suction, 1 Litre / min flow.
Sensors Electrochemical, NDIR and Pellistor options Expected Life for O2 is 2 Years and EC is 3 Years.
Size and Weight 26 x 14 x 10 cm x 1.8 kg
Working Temperature 5 to 45 °C
Temperature Probe Thermocouple, K Type
Probe Length 60cm Copper Tube
Probe Gas cooler and Filter Integral
Rubber Hose 1.5m Length
Data Storage Upto 400 Readings
Data Output USB Port
Gases and Ranges Instrument supplied with oxygen and temperature sensors, additional sensors available as per table below
GAS O2% Temp °C CO % SO2 PPM NO PPM NO2 PPM H2S PPM CO2 % CH4 % HC % (CH4)
RANGE 0 - 25 0 - 600 0 - 2 0 - 2000 0 - 2000 0 - 800 0 - 200 0 - 20 0 - 5 0 - 5
RES 0.1 1 0.001 1 1 1 1 0.1 0.01 0.01


Instrument Manual, Battery Charger, Probe Assembly, Connecting Hose, USB Cable, Soft carrying case for above.

Optional Extra

Probe High Temperature probe of 1100 °C extra long probe available
Glass Alternate gases on request