Constant Temperature Bath or Etching bath

SSNTD films are used for detection and measurement of Radon and its progeny by identifying and analyzing the tracks that are created by the alpha particles of Radon and its decay products on SSNTD film when it is exposed to an atmosphere containing Radon. The exposed SSNTD are required to undergo an etching process which turns the nuclear tracks on the films into holes. For the analytical results to be reliable and precise, temperature and concentration of the etching solution and etching time have to be stable and controlled.

Constant Temperature Bath

Available Model : PSI-CTB1

Constant Temperature Bath Model PSI-CTB1 is an excellent equipment which facilitates processing of up to 30 films at one go. Its design achieves temperature stability within 0.5°C.

Salient Features

  • Processing of up to 30 films at any one time
  • Double walled construction
  • Electronic Temperature Controller
  • Temperature stability within 0.5°C
  • Closed loop Proportional Temperature control
  • Electronic timer

Constant Temperature Bath Model PSI-CTB1 comprises a double walled water bath with glass wool insulation, three etching vessels, electrical water heater, circulating pump, temperature sensor and electronics. Each of the three etching vessels has slots for a rod which can accommodate 10 cartridges to facilitate processing of up to 30 films at one time. Electrical water heater is a resistive type heater. Circulating pump is used to circulate the water during the heating process to ensure uniform heating. The electronics includes a proportional temperature controller and a timer. The design achieves temperature stability within 0.5°C.

Technical Specifications

Construction Double walled outer vessel with glass wool insulation
Material of Construction SS 304 ( Inner vessel ) / SS 316 ( Etching vessel )
Number of etching vessels 3
Capacity of each etching vessels 10 SSNTD cartridges
Circulating pump Rotary vane type water pump
Bath dimensions Overall: 56 (L) x 28 (W) x 21 (H) cms.
Etching vessel: 15(L) x 7 (W) x 15 (H) cms.
Weight 20Kg

Functions Temperature measurement, indication and control, Timing, Operator interface
Temperature Sensor PT-100
Temperature Control Mode Proportional
Temperature range 50.0°C to 80.0°C
Temperature display 3 ½ digit Red LED
Control accuracy / stability 0.5°C
Timer range 0 – 999 sec ,0 – 999 min., 0- 99.9 Hrs
Timer accuracy Better than 1 sec over 999 Minutes
Timer display 3 digit Red LED
Power 230 VAC, 50 Hz. Single phase

Accessories & Consumables :

Cartridge Loaded with LR 115 Kodak Film, Cartridge without LR 115 Kodak Film, Kodak LR-115 SSNTD Film (Type-II)

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