Digital Barometric Pressure Indicator Model

Barometric Pressure Indicator Model PSI-BPI 1

Measure barometric pressure at any place any time

Barometric pressure measurements are required extensively in Air Pollution Monitoring. The calibration procedures of NABL laboratories specifically mandate that measurement of flow to be carried out at operating conditions of pressure and temperature which necessitates the measurement of barometric pressure in the laboratory. Model PSI-BPI-1 proves to be a handy tool for meeting this requirement.

Available Models : PSI-BPI-1 M and PSI-BPI-1 B

Physical Design Highlights

While PSI-BPI-1 M is a mains operated instrument, PSI- PSI-BPI-1 B is battery operated. The two models are similar in all respects except the source of power. Accordingly the two models are referred to PSI-BPI-1 in the rest of this document.

Model PSI-BPI-1 is a compact, wall mountable / table top instrument. It utilizes a precision solid-state absolute pressure sensor and a large alpha-numeric display for viewing the ambient pressure. It permits the user to select the units of measurement with press of a key.

The pressure indicator has an input Port (Nozzle) When the Port (Nozzle) is left open; the sensor measures the barometric pressure. When the input Port (Nozzle) is connected to the inlet of a device under calibration such as a rotameter or a digital flow indicator, the instrument can be used for measuring the inlet pressure for complying with requirements of calibration procedures specified by NABL accredited laboratories. The availability of this Port (Nozzle) also facilitates the PSI-BPI-1 itself to be calibrated.

Salient Features :

  • Compact and light-weight
  • Large Backlit Display
  • Wall mountable / Table Top
  • Measures Absolute Pressure at the inlet of a device under calibration
  • Measures Barometric Pressure

General Specifications :

Model →
Specification ↓
Range 200.0 to 1050.0 mbar Absolute
Accuracy ± 0.25% F.S.
Resolution 0.1 mbar
Media Air or non corrosive gases
Display 32 character large alphanumeric LCD
Keys 1 No.(Unit selection)
Pressure Units Torr, mm Hg, mBar, PSI, Kg/cm2, In Hg, K.Pascal
Power 230 V AC Mains ± 20% through 9 VDC Linear Adaptor
Connections Nozzle or Ferruless union
Size 140 x 120 x 70 mm
Weight 500 Gm

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