Personal Air Sampler PAS 1

Carry it on your person to sample the air you are breathing.

Personal Air Sample is a battery operated mini air sampler that can be clipped on to a person to enable hands-free sampling of inhalable gaseous pollutants and particulate matter in the air actually breathed by the person at work place.

Personal Air Sampler PAS 1

Available Models : PEM–PAS-1A, PEM–PAS-1B, PEM–PAS-1C, PEM-PAS-1L

Polltech provides three models of Personal Air Samplers. They basically differ in their application. Model PEM-PAS 1 and PEM-PAS 1A are designed for sampling of particulates using filter paper while Model PEM-PAS1L is suitable for sampling of toxic gases in work place by entrapping them on specific adsorption tubes. The suction capacity of the pumps used is different for various models resulting in different sizes of the samplers.

Applications :

  • For monitoring air quality on shop floor
  • Workplace monitoring
  • Fugitive gas monitoring
  • Used in workplace of industries like Chemical, Paint, Cement, Fertilizers, Sugar etc
  • Exposure studies of Personnel in hazardous areas
  • Elderly care facilities
  • Laboratories

Physical Design Highlights :

Each Personal Air Sampler comprises a sampling medium holder, a suction pump, a flow measuring device, a flow controller and a battery.

An appropriate filter placed in the filter holder forms the sampling medium for sampling of dust or particulates. The medium for sampling of vapours and gases, is an adsorption tube which is packed with pollutant specific like Activated Charcoal, Tenax GC adsorbent etc.

Only one of the two media, either filter or the adsorption tube can be used at a time.

A low power diaphragm type suction pump provides the suction for drawing of air through the sampling medium. It is powered by a high capacity rechargeable Li-ion battery. Flow is measured by a specially designed compact rotameter. Flow control is effected through a ball valve or a needle valve or an electronic circuit.

Salient Features :

  • Battery Operated Model with rechargeable battery.
  • Used in Shop Floor or Workplace Air Quality Monitoring.
  • Compact and Light Weight weighs less than 500 grams
  • The filter holder or adsorbing tube can be held at the breathing level for measurement of TLV exposure.
  • Can be carried on the person
  • Easy to carry, easy to use, affordable model.

Model Comparisons :

Feature PEM –PAS 1C PEM – PAS 1B PEM – PAS 1A PAS 1L
Sampled pollutant
Toxic Gases
Flow Control methodology Fine Flow control valve PWM Needle Valve
Sampling Medium
Particulates: Filter
Activated Charcoal, Tenax GC
Suction Pump Capacity
> 3 LPM
>1.5 LPM
Flow Range 0.3 – 3 LPM 0.2- 2.5 LPM 0.2- 2.5 LPM 50-500 cc / minute
Battery Charger External AC mains adaptor Built in charger requires 9 VDC input
(External AC mains adaptor provided)
External AC mains adaptor
Physical Dimensions 120 x 80 x 80 mm 120 x 80 x 55 mm 120 x 80 x 55 mm

General Specifications

Model →
Specification ↓
Suction Pump
Diaphragm Type
Inlet Connection
Ferruless Union suitable for 4 / 6 mm dia tube
>1500 mm WC
Polycarbonate casing
Sampling Run Duration
More than 10 hours on fully charged battery
Li-ion battery of 2200 mAH (2 x 3.6 V cells)
Charging Time
8 Hours
Physical Weight
About 500 grams.

Accuracy Specifications

Flow Measurement Accuracy ±5% of full scale

Operating Environment

Temperature 5 to 50oC
Relative Humidity Upto 95% non condensing

Comparison with similar products

Low Flow Air Sampler
Personal Air Sampler
Sampling Medium Activated Charcoal, Tenax GC and other various adsorption tubes
Sampling Tube Quantity
Housing / Holder Suitable for 6 mm dia adsorbing tube
Simultaneous Sampling
Suction Pump Diaphragm Type
Vacuum > 1500 mm WC > 1500 mm WC
Free Flow > 2 LPM > 2 LPM
Flow Meter Range 10-100 cc / minute or 20-200 cc / minute or 50-500 cc / minute (user specified) 50-500 cc/ minute
Flow Control Fine Needle Valve Fine Needle Valve 2 Nos. Needle valve
Time Display 3 digit 7 segment LCD Display Nil
Operating keys 4 nos.-Delay Time , Sample Time, Start, Stop Not provided
Electronics Microprocessor based Not applicable/td>
Delay Time Settable from 0 to 99 minutes for automatic start after the delay time Not applicable
Sample Time Settable from 0 to 999 minutes for automatic stop after the set time Not applicable
Cabinet Al with laminated front Poly carbonate with laminated front

Accessories :

Carry Bag, Filter Holders for 25, 37 & 47 mm diameter filter paper, Glass Fiber Filters of various media and sizes, Activated Charcoal tubes, Tedlar bags, Cyclones for PM10

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