Radioactivity Measuring Instruments

Radioactive contamination or radioactivity may be found in ambient air, water (and other liquids) and soil. In a workplace where radioactive materials are handled, it may be found on in the air, on the floor, walls, roof and equipment surfaces.

A commonly employed method for quantitative determination of radioactivity in any medium begins with drawing a representative sample from the medium. The radiation emitted by radioactivity in the sample is counted with a radiation counting system generally comprising a detector probe with associated electronics, a high voltage unit for biasing the detector and a timing and pulse counting system.

For determining concentration of radioactivity in the air, the most common method of sampling is to draw a known volume of air through a filter paper which entraps the radioactivity containing particulates.

For determining concentration of radioactivity various surfaces, swipes are taken on filter paper (generally of 50 mm diameter).

For determining concentration of radioactivity in water or other liquids, sample of known volume is taken and heated to evaporate the liquid and the residue is deposited on a planchet for counting.

Polltech’s range of instruments for radioactivity measurements includes sampling systems, detector probes with drawer assemblies, high voltage supplies and Programmable counting systems. Polltech designs and manufactures probes for various types for radiation. These probes are provided with drawer assemblies which are capable of holding all kinds of samples including filter papers and planchets.