Electronic Control Modules ECM7, ECM8 and ECM9 are similar in all respects except with respect to the blower


Electronic Control Module Type ECM 7 ECM 8 ECM 9
Compatible Blower BT 2 BL 1 / NL1 BL2

Similarities- Specifications - Common to ECM7, ECM8, ECM9

LCD Display 32 Character Alphanumeric LCD Module with blue backlit
Number of Keys 6
Real Time Clock (RTC) Yes
for Setting Delay Time and Sampling Time
Settable Sampling Start Delay Time Programmable through RTC
Settable Sampling Time Upto 199 hrs. 59 mts.
Electronic Time Totalizer Range (Cumulative Sampling Time) Upto 199 hrs. 59 mts.
Automatic Sampling
Start / Stop Control
Fully programmable electronic timer to automatically shut off system after preset time interval.
Additional sampling control facility Nil
Cyclic Mode Programming Programming ON / OFF Time in cyclic mode
Flow Measurement Basis Flow is inferred from differential pressure (Δp) across an exhaust orifice
Δp measurement device Pressure sensor
Flow inferring technique Computed programmatically
Displayed Flow Range 0.2 to 1.8m3/min
Flow Setting Range 0.6 to 1.8m3/min
Digital Flow Display Provided
Flow Control Mode Automatic Closed Loop Feedback
Flow Control Accuracy 2% of set value
Volume Totalizer Range upto 9999 M3 STP Corrected ?
Temperature Measurement (for STP correction) Solid State Temperature Sensor
Internal Memory for data storage Capable of storing data pertaining to 10 samples
Parameters Stored in internal memory Sampling time; volume, minimum, maximum and average flow; the minimum & maximum ambient temperature
Addition information stored in internal memory Average flow, Constant Flow Volume, Non Constant Flow Volume with respective time stamps, log of power interruptions with details on durations and time
Communication port(s) for PC interface
(PC functions as Host and ECM as device)
Serial Port, USB Port
PC Interface software Windows based Software includes facility to acquire and save data from control module including flow data and power interruptions for further processing and plotting flow data in circular chart format indicating flow variation over 24 Hours It also facilitates programming all sampling parameters including Start and Stop time etc.
Safety Features Automatic Stoppage of Sampling due to under voltage, over voltage, low flow & high Flow conditions.