VOC Sampling System

Volatile Organic Sampling System

VOC Sampling made easy for stack emissions

Volatile Organic Sampling System (VOSS) comprising an operating panel and a VOC sampling train facilitates sampling for volatile organic compounds from an industrial stack.

Available Model : PEM - VOSS 1

The Volatile Organic Sampling System has been designed for sampling Volatile Organic Compounds from stack emission at low flow rate as per US EPA Sampling procedure described in Method 0031. The samples are later desorbed using thermal desorption (5041A) and analyzed by GC/MS (Method 8260B).

Volatile Organic Sampling System
Volatile Organic Sampling System

Applications :

  • Stack emission monitoring for VOCs
  • Compliance monitoring services
  • ISO 9001,14001,180001 Audit Compliance
  • Factory Act Compliance
  • Common industries for VOC monitoring are Chemical, Paint, solid waste incinerators etc.

Physical Design Highlights

The sampling system consists of a heated glass lined sampling probe, heated Teflon sampling tube, VOC Sampling train and VOC Sampling measurement module complete with necessary accessories. The material of construction in contact with the sample gas is only glass & Teflon. The sampling train consists of condensers, glass sampling tubes for Tenax / Tenax / Anasorb 747, Condensate Tube & Silica Gel Adsorber.

Salient Features :

  • Complies with the requirements of method 0031 of US EPA.
  • All parts in contact with the sample gas made only of Glass / PTFE
  • Electronic temperature control.
  • Easy to set up and simple to operate.

Detailed Technical Specifications

Heated Glass-lined probe and Heated Sampling Tube

Heated Device→
Heated Glass Lined Probe Heated Sampling Tube
Length 100 cm 125 cm
Internal Tube Borosil Glass with ¼” OD end tube ¼” OD Teflon
Outer Casing 38 mm OD Aluminum Insulated Heat-shrinkable Teflon Sleeve
Heating Element
Electrical Resistive Heating
Temperature Sensor
K type Thermocouple
Heating Temperature Range
50 oC to 180 oC
Temperature Control Type
2 Nos. Electronic – proportional type fitted in the control module
Dimensions & Weight 4 Cm dia x 107 Cm Wt.- 1 Kg 2 Cm dia x 125 Cm Wt.- 1 Kg

Sample Collection Module

Stop Cocks 2 Nos of Glass body with PTFE Plug
1st Condenser for Cooling Double walled water cooled Coiled Glass body with Temperature Sensor & Thermal insulation
2nd condenser for cooling
1st Tenax TA Tube Threaded Glass tubes with PTFE Cap
2 nd Tenax TA Tube
Anasorb Tube
Condenser bottle 50 ml capacity Glass bottle
Silica Gel Bottle 20 cm long Threaded Glass body with PTFE Cap
Connections / Unions / Tubing PTFE
Charcoal Trap Glass Tube for filling with charcoal
Water Circulating Pump Submersible type fitted inside for 230 V AC Operation.
Power 230 V AC from Control Module
Cabinet ABS Suitcase with PE Foam insulated Reservoir for ice/cold water
Dimensions & Weight 58 x 47 x 20 Cms. Wt. - 7 Kg.

Sample Control Module

Temperature Controller 2 numbers for Heated glass lined Probe and Heated sampling tube.
Display - digital LED. Range-50 to 180 oC. Type-Proportional
Gas Flow Meter Range 0.10 to 2.00 LPM with fine control valve
Gas Meter Volume Range 0.10 to 999,9 Liters resettable with a key
Meter Vacuum Gauge Range 0-760 mm Hg
Electronic Unit Parameters Temperature readings of three sensors selected through a switch and Timer functions.
1st Condenser Temperature Range 0 to 60oC
2nd Condenser Temperature Range 0 to 60oC
Gas Meter Temperature Range 0 to 60oC
Timer Function Stop Watch / Down Counting Programmable Timer
Time Range 0 to 9 Hours 59 Minutes 59 Seconds
Control Keys Start , Stop, Reset
Control Switches On / Off type. 2 nos. for sampling pump and sample collection module power
Sampling Pump Diaphragm Type with PTFE coating and film Capacity :10 LPM
Power Supply 230 V AC
Dimensions & Weight 32 x 32 x 20 Cms. 8 Kg.

Accessories :

  • Coiled Glass Condenser
  • Threaded Glass tube with threaded PTFE union for Tenax / Anasorb /Silica Gel
  • Closing Caps of 2 types for both ends of threaded glass tube

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