Thermoelectric Cooled Ambient Gaseous Sampling Equipment

Facilitates gaseous sampling by particulate sampler

Available Model : PEM–TECIB-1

Model PEM- TECIB-1 is used as an Add-on to any of the Polltech make particulate sampler such as HVS, PM10 HVS, ADS 2.5 / 10 or LFAS 10 / 2.5. The suction for sampling the gases is provided by the blower/pump of particulate sampler. It makes use of Peltier thermo-electric cooling for keeping the impingers at the lower temperatures during sampling.

Thermoelectric Cooled Ambient Gaseous Sampling Equipment

Physical Design Highlights :

The sampler comprises a thermo-electric cooled double walled insulated cold box for four glass impingers, a rotameter and four way valve manifold. It permits sampling of upto four gases such as SO2, NO2, O3, Cl2, H2S, and NH3 etc. Peltier cooling reduces the temperature of adsorbing solution by more than 150C below ambient. The power supply to the equipment is provided by a specially designed SMPS mounted inside the particulate sampler.

Salient Features :

  • Compatible with PM10 Sampler, Ambient Fine High Volume Sampler, High Volume Dust Sampler, Low Flow PM10Sampler
  • Sampling of Four gases simultaneously.
  • Thermo-electric cooling of chemical adsorbents.
  • Cooling of more than 150C from ambient environment.
  • Compact and light weight
  • Built-in Rotameter and Valve Manifold

General Specifications :

Cooling More than 15oC below ambient using solid state Peltier module>
Flow Rate 0.2 to 3 LPM
Flow Control Four way acrylic body valve manifold with four inlet and one outlet and four stainless steel needle valve for flow control of each inlet.
Rotameter 0.3 LPM to 3 LPM with a resolution of 0.1 LPM
Sampling Train 4 Nos. 35-ml graduated glass impingers in a double – walled insulated box.
Operating Conditions Operating Temp : up to 45oC
Size 210 x 310 x 430 mm
Weight 5.5 Kg

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