Precision Low Pressure Generator PSI-PLPG1

When calibrating low pressure metering instruments including Magnehelic pressure gauges and pressure calibrators, it is essential that a stable pressure source of generating requisite pressure is available at hand. Calibration of pressure measuring instruments for low and very low pressures hitherto presented a challenge because of non- availability of low pressure generators. Polltech proudly presents its model PSI-PLPG1, a precision Low Pressure Generator.

PLPG1 is manually operated and require no electrical power making them useful for testing of Magnehelic Gauges, Pressure Transmitters etc. even when power is unavailable.

Available Model : PSI-PLPG1

Precision Low Pressure Generator PSI-PLPG1

Salient Features :

  • Ideally suitable for Magnehelic Gauges
  • Dual source of pressure and vacuum
  • (+) Pressure Range: 2 mm WC to 5000 mm WC
  • (-) Pressure Range: 2 mm WC to 3500 mm WC
  • Manually operated. Require no electrical power
  • Simple one hand operation
  • Fine control for adjusting pressure to desired accuracy


Model PSI-PLPG1 Pneumatic Hand Pump utilizes Polltech’s well proven, dual chamber, single piston pump. It is also provided with an auxiliary chamber for precision control of pressure. All assemblies are enclosed in a thermally insulated, , SS carrying box, thus providing better stability in pressure generation.

Detailed Technical Specifications :

Pressure Range 2mmWC to 5000 mm WC
Setting Resolution Better than 0.2 mm WC
Operation Action Single Knob- Screw
Pressure Media Air
Maximum Vacuum Generated 3500 mm WC
Control Very Fine Control Thread Screw
Wetted parts Anodized Aluminum
‘O’ Rings Neoprene
Outlet Connection 2 standard ferule-less Unions each for positive & negative pressure
Size 36 (L) x 23 (W) x 9 (H) cm (Approx)
Weight About 3.5 Kg.

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