Electronic Gas Volume Meter

Facilitates sampled volume measurement in compliance with US EPA requirements.

Flow and sampled volume measurements are of fundamental importance in air pollution monitoring particularly in stack emission monitoring. US EPA has stipulated a number of requirements with respect to range, accuracy and stability for dry gas meters. Dry gas meters are mechanical volume totalizers which are now being replaced by their electronic counterparts.

Electronic Gas Volume Meter

Available Models : PSI-EGVM-1L, PSI-EGVM-1M, PSI-EGVM-1H

Flow Range :

PSI - EGVM 1 (L) 0.10 to 2.00 LPM
PSI - EGVM 1 (M) 0.50 to 10.0 LPM
PSI - EGVM 1 (H) 2.0 to 80.0 LPM

Volume Range :

PSI - EGVM 1 (L) 0 to 99.99 Liters / 999.9 Liters
PSI - EGVM 1 (M) 0 to 99.99 Liters / 999.9 Liters
PSI - EGVM 1 (H) 0 to 999.9 Liters / 9999 Liters
Accuracy ± 2% FS

Physical Design Highlights

Model PSI–EGVM1 employs a precision orifice for flow measurement. The pressure drop that develops across the orifice is measured by a low pressure solid state pressure sensor. It takes advantage of multi-point linearization technique to enhance accuracy and the dynamic range of measurements. The flow and volume measurements are continuously displayed on a digital LCD module. The instrument also has a provision for manually resetting the totalized volume to zero.

Salient Features :

  • Digital Display of Flow and Volume
  • Online Integration of Flow
  • Fully Portable
  • Flow Accuracy ± 2% of Full scale
  • Wide Measuring Range
  • Precision Orifice Flow Sensor
  • Measures Flow from Pressure or Vacuum Source

Specifications :

Model →
Specification ↓
Flow Range 0.10 to 2.00 LPM 0.50 to 10.0 LPM 2.0 to 80.0 LPM
Flow Sensor Precision Orifice
Volume Ranges Two
Volume Range 1 0 to 99.99 Liters 0 to 99.99 Liters 0 to 999.9 Liters
Volume Range 2 999.9 Liters 999.9 Liters 9999 Liters
Range Selection Auto-ranging
Accuracy ± 2% of Full Scale
Display 32 character Alphanumeric backlit LCD Module
Volume Reset Reset key provided
Power supply 6 V DC through AC Adaptor
Dimensions 21 (L) X 14 (W) X 7 (H) cm 18 (L) X 14(W) X 7(H)cm 21 (L) X 16 (W) X 7 (H) cm
Weight 800 gm 800 gm 1 kg


Carrying case, Filter cartridge

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