Isokinetic Sampling Systems

We manufacture two types of isokinetic sampling systems. These are called

  1. Manual Isokinetic Stack Monitoring Kit (Models PEM-SMK 10 and PEM-SMK 20)

  2. Automatic Isokinetic Stack Monitoring System (Model PEM-SMS 4)

The difference in these two types of systems is in the type of control module. In the automatic Isokinetic Stack Monitoring System, the control module has built-in pressure and temperature sensors and microprocessor intelligence to carry out the various computations and guide the user through the process of monitoring to insure true isokinetic sampling without any manual calculations. Whereas in the manual kits this intelligence is absent and all the computations are required to be carried out manually by the user.

The user has the full freedom to purchase either a complete kit/system or individual items comprising the kit/system or accessories / consumables.