Pressure Instruments

Pressure measurement is one of the most important parameters in the operation and control of most industrial processes, allied services and utilities. Pressure measuring instruments must be designed to be inherently accurate and reliable. They must also be periodically calibrated so as to ensure continued reliable and accurate measurements.

Pressure measurement is characterized by a number of parameters including type of pressure, range, accuracy and media.

We design and manufacture a vast range of instruments to meet varied user requirements.

Our range of pressure measuring instruments includes pressure meters, pressure gauges and calibrators. We manufacture instruments for measuring absolute, differential and gauge pressure. Our instruments have different ranges i.e. from 25 mmWC to 10000 PSI and accuracy from 0.5% to 0.05% of FS.

Our calibrators are pressure measuring instruments which are characterized by high accuracy and calibrated / certified by reputed NABL accredited calibration laboratories.

We also manufacture Hand-operated pressure calibration pumps, which serve as very convenient pressure sources for carrying out calibration anywhere in the field, shop floor and in the laboratory.