Measurement of Radon in other Environs

Measurement of Radon in other environs pertains to measurement of Radon in underground mines, spas, or high background radiation areas where the levels of Radon / Thoron in the atmosphere are expected to be high compared to natural background areas.

In such areas low volume samplers are sufficient to get reliable results. Lucas cell is one of the most popular sampling devices for underground mines. In addition it can be used to collect Radon from liquid sample using Radon Bubbler.

Polltech has developed a comprehensive system comprising of a Lucas cell, a specially designed Photomultiplier assembly for Lucas cell counting and a programmable counting system.

In addition Polltech also provides Lucas Cell Emulator for checking the efficiency of Radon counting system (comprising a Lucas cell-PM Tube and Programmable counting system) and Soil Radon Exhalation Measurement System.