PUF Samplers

Dioxin is considered to be one of the most toxic chemicals ever made by man. Furan is about a tenth as toxic as dioxin. Twelve (of 209 kinds) polychlorinated biphenyls are structurally very similar to dioxin and are about one hundredth as toxic as dioxin. All these three chemical compounds viz. dioxins, furans and PCBs are often referred to collectively as "dioxin".

Combustion processes like commercial or municipal waste incineration and burning fuels, such as wood, coal or oil result in the release of dioxins into the air. Adverted or inadvertent release of transformer fluids has caused release of PCBs into the environment.

Pesticides are commonly used in both rural and urban areas and therefore they find their way into the environment. Pesticides can cause potential adverse health effects to humans by contaminating soil, water, air, plants, and animal life. Many pesticides and PCBs exhibit bio-accumulative and chronic health effects.

PUF Sampler is a complete air sampling system designed to collect Dioxin Furan, PCBs, Pesticides and PAHS etc. as air born suspended particulate as well as to trap air born organic vapours simultaneously.

Available PUF Samplers :