High Voltage Power Supplies

Life line of nuclear radiation detectors

Stable and accurate high voltage is required for most radon and radio-activity detection and measurement applications employing nuclear radiation detectors.

Available Model : PSI-HVPS 1

PSI-HVPS1 is the generic model name for a series of High Voltage supplies using different High Voltage Modules of full scale outputs ranging from 100 Volts to 10000 Volts.


For providing high voltages for Photomultiplier Tube, G.M. Counter, Ionization Chamber, Proportional Counter etc.

High Voltage Power Supplies

Physical Design Highlights

The supply utilizes our High Voltage modules, which are basically highly stable DC-DC Converters with low ripple.

It includes 3½ digit / 4½ digit display of the set voltage.

It operates on 230VAC, 50Hz supply.

Salient Features

  • Digital Display of Output Voltage
  • Ten Turn Helipot for Voltage Setting
  • Compact hermetically sealed H.V. Module
  • Short Circuit and arc-protected
  • RFI Shielding
  • High Stability & Regulation
  • Delayed turn on & Soft start


Input Voltage 230VAC, 50Hz, Single phase
Full scale output voltage range User specified from 100 Volts to 10000 Volts
Minimum settable voltage 5% of Full scale
Output Polarity Positive or Negative
Output Power 10 Watts Maximum
Line & Load Regulation Better than 0.05% for 1 Volt variation in input.
Ripple Typically 0.05% peak to peak at full load
Supply with better ripple specifications can be custom designed.
Output Control 10 turn Heilpot
Output Display 3½ digit / 4½ digit LED according to specified range
Output Connector BNC or MHV or SHV
Operating Temperature 5 to 50°C

Accessories :

High Voltage Coaxial Cables HV BNC, UHF, MHV, SHV connectors

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