Size Selective Inlet for PM10 Sampling

Available Model : PEM - AHPM10-X

This specifically designed Size Selective Inlet removes the larger particulates and allows sampling and collection of particulate sizes less than 10 microns (PM10) on the filter paper.

By replacing the Gable Roof of a High Volume Sampler(SPM sampler) with this inlet, the instrument can be transformed into a PM10 Sampler High Volume sampler i.e. for lower size particulate concentrations , 10 microns and below.

Compatible With :

  • High Volume Sampler

Highlights :

  • Allows upgrading of your existing HVS to a PM10 Sampler
  • Simple and easy to refit
  • Designed as per US-EPA standards
  • Rugged and designed for outdoor use

This add-on can be re fitted with our make compatible low flow particulate samplers like Low Flow PM10 (10 microns and below) Sampler and ADS 2.55 (2.5 microns and below). When sampling inlet / size seperator of the particulate samplers are replaced with the low flow SPM Inlet then the sampler now collects larger particulates ie SPM (100 microns and below) on the filter paper.