Calibration Hand Pressure Pumps

Essential accessory for quick pressure calibration

When calibrating pressure metering instruments including pressure gauges and pressure calibrators, it is essential that a stable pressure source of generating requisite pressure is available at hand.

Available Models : PSI–PP1, PSI–PP2, PSI–PP3, PSI–PP3L, PSI–HPP1


Quick and easy calibration of low pressure metering instruments

Physical Design Highlights

All four pumps are manually operated and require no electrical power making them useful even when electrical power is unavailable.

Calibration Hand Pressure Pumps

Model PSI-PP1 is the most dependable and rugged pump for applications up to 100 psi or 24“Hg Vacuum. It is constructed of anodized aluminium honed tube which is mounted on a sturdy stand to prevent body heat transfer thereby affording drift-free accurate readings. It is equipped with dual pistons (coarse and fine) in order to provide smooth and controlled operation. Dual O-Rings on all pistons ensure the pump to be leak free. The unit is fitted with a tee to provide direct connection to a pressure meter / gauge and a calibrator.

Calibration Hand Pressure Pumps

Calibration Hand Pressure Pumps

Models PSI-PP3 and PSI-PP3-L are Low Pressure Calibration Pumps. They are similar in construction to model PSI PP-1 but consist of only one piston with fine control which enables easy adjustment of the pressure with resolution of 0.1 Pa with high stability These hand pumps use air as the media to generate pressure up to 30 psi. Each pump has a heat-insulator between the cover and pressure chamber to minimize the heat effect during the micro-pressure calibration. These features make the PP3 ideal for calibrating low pressure transducers, precision pressure gauges, Magnehelic gauges and other pressure instruments.

The PP 3L has been specially designed with two compartments for use in calibration of low pressure differential gauges. The construction minimizes the effect of temperature and barometric pressure changes. The PP3 is provided with two ferrule-less connectors while PP3L has four connectors for fast instrument connect and disconnect.

Calibration Hand Pressure Pumps

Calibration Hand Pressure Pumps

Models PSI-PP2 and HPP1 are High Pressure Calibration Pumps. Model PSI-PP2 is designed for pneumatic applications for a pressure range of 350 PSIG while HPP1 is a hydraulic type suitable for pressure applications upto 700 kg/cm2. Both the pumps use multiple strokes to generate high pressure and are also provided with a variable stroke adjustment in addition to a fine adjustment valve. A set of BSP adaptors and a flexible hose connection (PSI-PP2) are standard accessories.

Range :

  • PSI – PP1: 100 psig
  • PSI – PP2: 350 psig
  • PSI – PP3: 30 psig
  • PSI – PP3L: 30 psig
  • PSI – HPP1: 700 kg/cm2

Salient Features :

  • Dual source of pressure and vacuum
  • Manually operated. Require no electrical power
  • Simple one hand operation
  • Coarse and fine control for adjusting pressure to desired accuracy
  • Pneumatic pumps for low pressures up to 25 kg/cm2
  • Hydraulic pumps for high pressure up to 550 kg/cm2

Detailed Technical Specifications :

Model →
Specifications ↓
Maximum Pressure 100 psig 350 psig 30 psig 30 psig 700 kg/cm2
Pressure Chamber 1 1 1 2 1
Approximate Volume 400 cc Not Applicable 200 cc 200 cc Not Applicable
Thermal Insulation Not Provided Not Provided Provided Provided Not Provided
Operation Action Two Knob-Screws Scissor-Spring Knob- Screw Knob- Screw Scissor-Spring
Pressure Media Air Distilled water
Maximum Vacuum Generated 80% of atmospheric pressure 70% of atmospheric pressure 75% of atmospheric pressure 80% of atmospheric pressure
Controls Coarse & Fine Control Fine Control Fine Control Coarse & Fine Control
Wetted parts Anodized Aluminium Anodized Aluminium Anodized Aluminium SS 304 & Acrylic
‘O’ Rings Neoprene
Outlet Connection 2 ferule-less Union 2 standard ¼” BSP (M) 2 standard ferule-less Union 4 standard ferule-less Union ¼” BSP Male
Size 250 x 140 x110 mm 230x 130x70 mm 200(L) x 85 dia mm 300 x 150 x 80 mm
Weight 1.6 kg 1 kg 1.15 kg 1.7 kg
Reservoir Capacity Not applicable 100 ml

Accessories :

Carrying cases for

Calibration Hand Pressure Pumps
Hand pressure pump
Calibration Hand Pressure Pumps
Pressure Calibrator (HH)
Calibration Hand Pressure Pumps
Pressure Calibrator (HH) & Hand Pressure Pump

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