Air Flow Calibrator

An easy to use standard flow meter for calibration of flow measuring instruments in air sampling equipment and industrial processes.

Available Models : PSI- AFC1 (L), PSI- AFC1 (M), PSI- AFC1 (H)

Air Flow Calibrator

Range :

PSI- AFC1 (L) 2.00 cc/min to 200.00 cc/min
PSI- AFC1 (M) 0.03 L/min to 3.000 L/min
PSI- AFC1 (H) 0.200 L/min to 20.000 L/min

Applications :

Calibration of rotameters, orifice meters, digital flow meters, air sampling pumps (vacuum or pressure) etc.

Physical Design Highlights

Model PSI–AFC-1 employs a mass air flow sensor which comprises a micro bridge chip housed in venturi type flow housing. This arrangement permits in-line flow measurement without introducing any significant pressure drop.

Also the micro bridge chip being in direct contact with the flow stream greatly reduces possibilities of errors in measurement due to orifice or bypass channel clogging. The microprocessor based electronics performs the tasks of data acquisition, linearization, and gas calibration and operator interface including data display etc.

The three models are designed to cover wide flow ranges starting from 200.00 cc/minute full scale to 20.000 LPM full scale.

Salient Features :

  • Flow Accuracy ± 2% of reading
  • Fully Portable
  • Multiple Units Option
  • Wide Measuring Range
  • Mass Air Flow Sensor
  • Measures Flow from Pressure or Vacuum Source
  • Gas Selection Mode

Specifications :

Model →
Specification ↓
Flow Measuring Range 2.00 cc/min to 200.00 cc/min 0.03 to 3.000 L/min 0.200 to 20.000 L/min
Flow Sensor Precision, Mass Air Flow Sensor
Accuracy ± 2% of Reading
Display 32 character alphanumeric backlit LCD Module
Operating Keys 3 Nos.
Key Functions Select Gas, Select Units, Auto zero
Power Supply 12 V DC supplied through AC Adaptor
Pneumatic Connection Ferruless Union Push fit for 6 mm PU tube Push fit for 8 mm PU tube
Dimensions 6 cm (H) x 16cm (W) x 21cm (D)
Weight 750 gm


Filter cartridges for Flow calibrators, Carrying bag

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