Method 7 : NOx

Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) Sampling Equipment

Facilitates collection of the grab sample in accoradance with the stipulations of US EPA Method 7.

Available Model : PEM -NOS 1-X

Designed to facilitate taking a grab sample as per US EPA Method 7, Model PEM_NOS 1-X allows collection of sample in an evacuated flask containing a dilute sulfuric acid-hydrogen peroxide absorbing solution. The concentration of nitrogen oxides, except nitrous oxide, is determined colorimetrically using the phenol-disulfonic acid (PDS) procedure.

Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) Sampling Equipment

Applications :

Measurement of Nitrogen Oxides(Nox) emitted by a stationary source.

Physical Design Highlights

The sampling equipment consists of a round bottom glass flask fitted with a 3-way stopcock. The flask is encapsulated with PE foam and housed in an elegant wooden box. The 3 -way stop cock helps in evacuating the flask, flushing the sample line and collecting the NOx sample in the evacuated flask. Provision is also made to connect a vacuum gauge and a thermometer for measuring the pressure and temperature inside the flask.

Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) Sampling Equipment

Salient Features :

  • Meets EPA Method 7 requirements
  • Enclosed in a box (with cover) with foam packing
  • S-13 Ball & cup joint sides for connection to sampling probe & pump
  • Glass Thermometer for measuring temperature of gas in flask
  • Vacuum Gauge for measuring vacuum in flask.

Technical Specifications :

Particulate Sampling

Equipment Item Specifications
1. Collection Flask Round Bottom Borosil Glass of 2 liters capacity
2. Stop-Cock 3 way with B 34 cone and S-13 Ball Joints for connections to sampling probe and pump with matching cup joints
3. Thermometer Type: Mercury in Glass
Range 0-50oC or 0-100oC
4. Vacuum Gauge 0-760 mm Hg Wika make

Accessories :

Monoblock Dry type light weight vacuum pump for evacuating the flask.
Various sampling probes of Glass (unheated & heated) & Teflon

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