Low Level Radon Detection System

Measure low radon concentration levels with high accuracy

Radioactive decay of Radon which is the underlying principle of Radon measurements being a random phenomenon poses problems in accurate measurements of radon at low concentration levels because statistical fluctuations in short time periods of measurements. Problem can be overcome by increasing the volume of radon sample.

Available Model : PSI-LLRDS 1


Accurate measurement of Radon at low concentration levels.


Physical Design Highlights

Low Level Radon Detection System comprises a collection chamber, a sampling pump, a High Voltage supply and alpha Counting system.

1. A collection chamber : This chamber is used for collection of the sampled air. It is a hemispherical chamber with a volume of 4.3 liters. It is made of steel with chrome plated highly polished surface which prevents adsorption of Radon and the progeny. The chamber lid has a easily removable threaded ring to facilitate insertion or removal of the collector plate. . The collector plate is made of stainless steel to which a negative voltage is applied for collection of Radon progeny. The chamber is sealed with gaskets to prevent leakage. It has an inlet and an outlet both of which can be closed independently by valves.

2. A sampling pump : for flushing the chamber and filling it with filtered sampled air.

3. A High Voltage system : for electro-statically charging the collection plate.

4. Alpha Counting system : for counting the progeny collected on SS plate using Alpha detector probe and Programmable counting system

Salient Features

  • Hemispherical Design for better collection efficiency of 218Po
  • Large sample volume (4.3liters) reduces uncertainty in measurements.
  • Much better results compared with Lucas Cell measurements.
  • Directly collects positively charged 218Po ions on a negatively charged plate.
  • Cost effective replacement for ionization chambers.

Technical Specifications

Sampling Chamber

Material of Construction Chrome-plated steel, Acrylic, Brass, SS304
Shape Hemi-spherical
Volume 4.3 Liters
Collection Plate SS 304 50 mm diameter
Surface finish Highly polished Chrome plated
Inlet and outlet connections & Fittings Ball valve and Swagelok® fittings
EHT Connection for Collection Plate BNC type Connector
Sampling pump Any vacuum pump with free flow capacity of more than 25 LPM
High Voltage Supply Variable Negative Voltage power Supply up to 1000 Volts DC @ 100 micro Amperes High Voltage Power Supply Model PSI-HVPS 1
Alpha Counting system Comprising ZnS(Ag) alpha detector probe with drawer assembly Model PSI-ACD1 or equivalent and Programmable Counting System Model PSI–PCS2 or equivalent

Notes :

Any of the parts viz. Collection Chamber of LLRDS, Sampling Pump, Negative High Voltage Power Supply, Detector probe and Programmable Counting Systems can be ordered singly or in any combination.

Accessories :

Progeny Collection Plate of 50 mm diameter, Sampling Pump, Filter Holder, Filter Papers of Various Sizes & Media

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