Method 8 : SO2 and Sulphuric Acid Mist

Sulfuric Acid Mist Sampling Equipment

Facilitates sampling of Sulphuric acid mist in compliance with US EPA Method 8

Available Model : PEM-SAMS 1-X

Designed to faciltate collection of the grab sample in accoradance with the stipulations of US EPA Method 8.

Sulfuric Acid Mist Sampling Equipment

Physical Design Highlights

The equipment basically comprises of a Heated glass lined probe, an impinger train with a unheated filter holder and four glass impingers followed by a iso-kinetic metering module (Stack monitoring kit PEM-SMK 10 or PEM-SMS 4 ) and a sampling pump. The filter holder is placed between the first and third glass impinger.

Salient Features :

  • Compliant with US EPA Method 8
  • Set of 4 nos. of glass impingers in thermally insulated cold box
  • Option of Glass or PTFE Filter Holder
  • Greenburg-Smith design with standard tips.
  • Digital Temperature Indicator of outgoing gas

Specifications :

Equipment Item Specifications
Filter holder Unheated borosilicate glass, with a glass frit or unbreakable PTFE Filter Holder
Impinger Train Four Impingers connected in series with the filter holder between 1st and 2nd Impinger. Leak-free spherical ground glass fittings are provided.
Impinger Type 1st and 3rd Impinger : Greenburg-Smith impingers with standard tips 2nd and 4th Impinger : Modified Greenburg-Smith impingers
Impinger Box Thermally insulated Cold Box with ice cooling arrangement
Outlet gas Temperature Thermometer or Electronic Temperature Indicator

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