Portable Radioactive Particulate Sampler

Easy to carry and use grab sampler for radioactive particulates in work areas

Grab samples are routinely taken in radio-active laboratories and plants handling radioactive materials to ascertain if any radioactive material got released into the air in those work areas. The grab sample is collected on a filter paper which is subsequently examined with a counting system comprising a radioactivity detector probe and the allied electronics.

Available Models : PSI – PHVS 1, PSI – PHVS 2


  • Work place monitoring in nuclear research and nuclear power plants.
  • Emergency monitoring for radioactive leaks.
  • Radiation worker health monitoring
  • Uranium explorations
  • Research and Educational Institutes
Portable Radioactive Particulate Sampler

Salient Features

  • Can be used in both indoor as well as outdoor applications.
  • Works well for both spot as well as continuous sampling
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Flow range available is 200 to 2000 LPM free flow.
  • Standard circular filter holder for 101 mm dia filter paper and option of 203x254mm rectangular filter paper holder.
  • Low noise imported blower.
Portable Radioactive Particulate Sampler

Physical Design Highlights :

Polltech’s sampler PSI–PHVS-1 & PSI–PHVS-2 are designed to carry out the task of taking the grab sample. Each of these models comprises a high capacity blower and a filter holder which houses the filter paper. Standard size of the filter holder is 4’’ diameter while 8”x10” rectangular filter paper holder is available on special request. In both the models, the flow can be set, controlled and read.

PSI–PHVS1 includes a rotameter for reading the flow. PSI–PHVS-2 is far more sophisticated as it provides automatically controlled constant flow with high accuracy and stability through the electronic control module which also provides accurate digital display of volume and time in addition to flow.

Detailed Technical Specifications

Item / Feature PSI–PHVS-1 PSI–PHVS-2
Filter Holder Assembly For 4” Dia. Filter Paper with Filter Support & S.S. Mesh
Free Flow Range Greater than 2 m3/min

Blower Light Weight, Compact, Low noise High Flow Capacity Lamb Blower with Universal Motor of 800 W
Electronic Control Module Not Available ECM5
Electronic Control Module Functions Not applicable Measurement: Differential Pressure across Exhaust Orifice, Time
Control: Flow, Sampling Start / Stop, Sampling Time
Computation: Flow, Volume ( Time Totalization of flow), Average, Minimum, Maximum, Constant Flow Volume, Non Constant Flow Volume
Display: Flow, Time, Volume
Safety: Against Under/ over Voltage
Flow Measurement Technique Rotameter Inferred from differential pressure across exhaust orifice
Dp Measurement device Not applicable pressure sensor
Flow Control Technique By controlling blower speed
Flow Control Mode Manual Automatic
Flow Control Accuracy Operator skill dependent Within 2% of set value irrespective of dust load & mains voltage variation.
Flow Setting Range 0.2 to 2.0 m3/min
Displayed Parameters Flow Flow, Time, Volume
Display Type Graduations Digital
Display Device Rotameter 32 character Backlit LCD Module
Delay Time Not available Settable up to 99 Hrs. 59 Min. on LCD Module.
Sampling Time Programmable up to 99 Hrs. 59 Min.
Electronic Time Totalizer Up to 99 Hrs. 59 Min.
Automatic Sampling Control Fully programmable electronic timer to automatically shut off system after preset time interval.
Special features Digital Display of Average / Min. / Max. / Constant Flow Volume / Non Constant Flow Volume & their respective time information in Hrs. & Min.
Safety Features Automatic Stoppage of Sampling due to under voltage / over voltage / low flow & high Flow conditions
Weight Approx. 5 kg Approx. 7.5 kg

Operating Environment

Power 230 V AC ± 10%, 50 Hz (110V AC, 60 Hz Optional)
Temperature 5 to 50° C
Relative Humidity Up to 95% non condensing

Accessories :

Rectangular Filter Holder for 254 x 203 mm Filter Paper, Filter Papers of Various Sizes and Media

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