SO2 and Sulphuric Acid Mist Sampling Equipment

Determination of H2SO4 (including H2SO4 mist and SO3) and gaseous SO2 emissions from stationary sources is carried out as the stipulations of US EPA Method 8.

Filterable particulate matter may be determined along with H2SO4 and SO2 (subject to the approval of the Administrator).

In this method, A gas sample is extracted isokinetically from the stack. The H2SO4 and SO2 are separated, and both fractions are measured separately.

The sample collection equipment basically comprises a Heated glass lined probe, an impinger train comprising four glass impingers and an unheated filter holder placed between 1st and 2nd impingers.

SO2 and Sulphuric Acid Mist Sampling Equipment

Our PEM-SASM 1-X contains all the components that are required to form the sample collection equipment.

PEM-SASM 1-X in conjunction with our Pitob assmebly comprising a Pitot Tube and K type thermocouple and one of the Control Modules PEM-SMK10 or PEM-SMK20 or PEM-SMS4 and a sampling pump module will form a complete SO2 and SulphuricAcid Mist Sampling System.

PEM-SASM 1-X can also be used as an add-on to an existing Method 5 isokinetic sampling system.