Soil Radon Exhalation Measurement System

Measure Radon and Radium in liquid media

Radon in air is a major source of natural radiation. It dissolves easily in water, which makes it a potential source of radiation exposure. High levels of Radon in water are observed in areas that have deposits of Granite. Radon as well as Radium formed by the decay of Uranium present in Granite gets carried away by water percolating through ore deposits and ends up in well water.

A Radon Bubbler is often used for the measurements of Radon as well as Radium in liquid samples.

Available Model : PSI - SREM 1

Soil Radon Exhalation Measurement System


Measurement of the amount of radon emanating from the soil for source term analysis studies etc.

Physical Design Highlights

Model PSI-SREM1 comprises a collection chamber, a Lucas cell assembly PM probe assembly and a Programmable Counting system.

The collection chamber comprises two concentric cylinders. The inner cylinder measures 28 Cms diameter and 30 Cms height while the outer cylinder has dimensions of 32 Cms diameter and 30cms height. The inner cylinder is approximately 4 cm smaller than the outer cylinder and therefore the annular space helps in reducing the back diffusion of Radon. Chamber is inserted into the soil under study in such a manner that the outer and inner cylinder just sits tightly on the surface.

The double cylinder construction reduces back diffusion of radon. The chamber is fitted with a flange on which a specially designed Lucas cell is screwed on from the inside. The cylindrical geometry of Lucas cell has a glass fiber filter on one side and a glass window on the other side. The outer side of the flange is coupled to a Photomultiplier to form a Lucas Cell PM Probe. The scintillations produced in the Lucas cell are detected by the PM tube.

The Programmable Counting system supplies the High voltage to the PM tube and also counts the electronic pulses produced by Lucas Cell PM Probe due to the interaction with ZnS Scintillator of Lucas cell with alphas emitted due to radioactive decay of Radon.

Salient Features

  • Double Cylinder Construction
  • Very Low back diffusion of Radon
  • Specially Designed Lucas Cell
  • High Sensitivity PM Tube
  • Adjustable Stand


Collection chamber

Construction Concentric Cylinders
Outer Cylinder Dimensions Diameter: 32 Cms Height: 30 cm
Inner Cylinder Dimensions Diameter: 28 Cms Height: 30 cm
Material of Construction SS 304

Lucas Cell

Cell Type Diffusion
Volume 150 cc
Scintillator ZnS coating
Filter Glass Fiber GF/A

Photomultiplier Tube

Photocathode Bi-alkali
Tube diameter 51 mm


Type Adjustable
Construction MS
Platform 4
Legs 4

High Voltage system Model PSI-HVPS 1 or equivalent
Counting system Model PSI-PCS 2 or equivalent

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