Accessories for Ambient and Workplace Monitoring Instruments

We manufacture a number of components which are based on our proprietary designs and specifications. These accessory components are essential for the operation of our instruments and are also supplied as spares for replacement of the parts which may get worn out during operation of the instruments. We also manufacture a number of devices and components which enhance the functional capabilities of the instruments. These are supplied as optional accessories.

We also incorporate into our instruments a number of standard and commonly available components and devices. We also supply accessories for use with some third party instruments. We have tie ups with various traders and suppliers to ensure continued availability of these items.

Glass Impinger

Glass Impingers of various types such as midget, Greenberg-Smith and modified Greenberg-Smith etc are available in various capacities with or without ball and cup joints.

Teflon impingers are also available for samplining of Fluorine etc.

Standard sizes available are 120 , 250 and 500 mm.

Useful In :

Gaseous Sampling Attachments in High Volume Sampler, High Volume PM10 Sampler and Ambient Fine Dust Sampler, Low Flow Air Sampler, Portable Gas Sampler, Handy Air Sampler, Thermo electric Cooled Gas Sampler.

Filter Holders

These are acrylic body holders designed for keeping the filter papers in place during sampling for particulates in workplace monitoring.

These are available in three sizes suitable for 25 mm, 37 mm and 47 mm dia filter papers.

Useful In :

Portable Gas Sampler, Handy Air Sampler, Low Flow Air Sampler, Personal Air Sample.

Filter Cassette with Carrier

A filter cassette is a specially designed filter holder as per USEPA design made out of Delrin and has a perforated SS disk for filter support screen that prevents user touch while handling and reduces errors or contamination. This filter cassette easily fits into the filter holder provided in our particulate samplers. It comes with its own filter carrier so that the cassette can be safely transported to the lab where the paper can be removed for further analysis.

Useful In :

Ambient Fine Dust Sampler, Low Flow PM10 Sampler.

Carrying Bags

These are specially designed bags made of high quality strong flexible material for easy storage and transportation of our samplers. These are a useful accessory for samplers like Ambient Fine Dust Sampler, Low Flow PM10 Sampler where they are optional but find uses in ease of transportation. We also can provide additional carry bags for our samplers where we have provided them as standard accessories.

Useful In :

Ambient Fine Dust Sampler, Low Flow PM10 Sampler, Handy Air Sampler, Portable Gas Sampler, Personal Air Sampler

Tedlar bags

Tedlar bags are made of 2mil Tedlar film. Tedlar is DuPont’s trade name for its Poly Vinyl Flouride (PVF). It is tough, durable, and considered chemically inert to a wide range of compounds.

Tedlar bags find use in indoor air sampling, hazardous waste sites, leaking underground storage tanks, stack sampling, soil gas sampling, gas blending, calibration test standards and a host of other gas sampling needs.

The bags are available in various capacities ( 0.5 liters to 10 liters) with a single 2-in-1 fitting that combines the valve and a septum.

Useful In :

Low Flow Air Sampler, Personal Air Sampler.

PUF Assembly with choice of components

We provide various spares and consumables required in a PUF assembly that is used in a PUF sampler for entrapment of toxic organic compounds. This assembly consists of the following subcomponents that can be ordered as an assembly or individually.

PUF Cartridge – 75mm long poly urethane vapor collection substrate (unwashed) available in package of ten

Empty Glass Cartridge for PUF with SS Screen

Micro quartz filter paper of size 100 mm dia

Teflon caps for sealing glass cartridges

Silicone Gasket

Storage cum transportation container for PUF Assembly

Useful In :

PUF Sampler