Standard Ambient Gaseous Sampling Equipment

Available Model: PEM-SACIB-1X

Model PEM-SACIB-1X is a gaseous sampler which is used as an Add-on to any Polltech make particulate sampler such as HVS, PM10 HVS, ADS 2.5/10 or LFAS 10/2.5 to provide facility for sampling of gaseous pollutants along the particulate sampling. The suction for sampling the gases is provided by the blower/pump of particulate sampler.

PEM-SACIB-1X utilizes ice cooling for keeping the impingers at the lower temperatures during sampling.

Standard Ambient Gaseous Sampling Equipment

Applications :

  • Compliance Monitoring in industrial areas
  • Investigative Air Monitoring for pollution surges
  • Workplace monitoring for exposure compliance
  • For monitoring emission from fume hoods, ducts etc
  • Fugitive gas monitoring
  • Sick Building Investigations
  • Factory Act Compliance
  • Data Collection and Reporting

Physical Design Highlights :

Model PEM-SACIB-1X consists of four glass impinger tubes housed in an ice cooled thermally insulated impinger box. The box is normally fitted to the particulate sampler cabinet. The sampler cabinet also houses a four-way valve manifold and a precision Rotameter. Each of the four impinger tubes is a graduated Midget type made of Borosil glass. The capacity of impinger is 35ml with graduation etched for every ml. An absorbing reagent specific to the gaseous pollutant of interest is kept in each impinger.

The four-way valve manifold comprises a machined acrylic block. A tapered spindle moves in the groove of valve body to vary the flow. A SS 304 serrated nozzle forms the valve inlet. Setting and controlling the sample flow rate for each of the impinger is accomplished by the corresponding valve in the manifold. The precision rotameter with capacity of 0.2 to 3.0 LPM is used to set the gaseous flow rate in any impinger tube, one at time.

Salient Features :

  • Compatible with High Volume Sampler, High Volume PM10 Sampler, Ambient Fine Dust Sampler, Low Flow PM10Sampler
  • Facilitates simultaneous sampling of upto four gaseous pollutants
  • Uses four Midget type Borosil glass impingers housed in an ice box
  • Four way valve manifold for setting and control of flow for each impinger tube.
  • A precision rotameter of 0.3 to 3.0 LPM capacity for flow measurement.
  • Thermally insulated Ice box with water drain

General Specifications :

Cooling Below ambient using Ice in a double walled thermocole insulated box.
Flow Rate 0 to 3 LPM
Flow Control Four way acrylic manifold with four inlet and one outlet and four stainless steel needle valve for flow control of each inlet.
Rotameter 0.2 LPM to 3 LPM with a resolution of 0.1 LPM. Accuracy +/- 2 % of F.S.
Sampling Train 4 Nos. 35-ml graduated glass impingers.

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