Combo PRT Instrument

Combo Instrument specifically designed for Calibration Laboratories

Available Model : PSI-PRT-1

Barometric pressure, Relative humidity and temperature are important parameters in Air Pollution Monitoring. It is mandatory for NABL accredited calibration laboratories to include the measurement of these parameter in their calibration procedures.

Stand-alone instruments for measurement of each one of these parameters are commonly available.

Polltech’s PSI-PRT-1 is a combo instrument which measures and displays all the three parameters with the same accuracy.

Combo PRT Instrument

Salient Features :

  • Measures Barometric Pressure
  • Measures Relative Humidity & Temperature
  • Microprocessor based Design
  • Excellent accuracy & Resolution
  • Panel mountable / Table Top
  • 4 Line Alpha-numeric ‘O’ LED Display
  • Compact & Light weight
  • Operates on Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

Physical Design Highlights :

Model PSI-PRTI-1 is a compact, wall mountable / table top instrument. It utilizes a precision solid-state absolute pressure sensor and precision, very high accuracy solid-state Rotronic make RH – temperature sensor probe. For pressure measurement, it permits the user to select the units of measurement of pressure with press of a key. The meter has an input Port (Nozzle), when the Port (Nozzle) is left open, the sensor measures the barometric pressure. When the input Port (Nozzle) is connected to the inlet of a device under calibration such as a rotameter or a digital flow indicator, the instrument can be used for measuring the inlet pressure for complying with requirements of calibration procedures specified by NABL accredited laboratories. The availability of this Port (Nozzle) also facilitates the PSI-BPI-1 itself to be calibrated.

For RH measurement the user is required to keep the probe open to the atmosphere for measurement of RH and temperature of the operating conditions. Alternatively, the probe can be inserted in to any chamber to measure these parameters. The display indicator works on 5 VDC which is provided through an adaptor.

A compact, high contrast 4 line 20 characters alpha-numeric organic display unit allows viewing of the RH, temperature and pressure values simultaneously. Built-in Li-ion battery allows operation of meter upto 36 hours on a single charge.

Detailed Technical Specifications :

Particulate Sampling

Parameter Pressure Absolute RH Temperature
Range 200.0 to 1050.0 mbar 0 – 100 % - 40oC to +600oC
Accuracy ± 0.25% F.S. ± 0.8 % ± 0.20oC
Resolution 0.1 mbar 0.01% 0.010oC
Media Air or non corrosive gases
Display 4 x 20 character alphanumeric organic LED
Pressure Units Torr, mm Hg, mbar, PSI, Kg/cm2, In Hg, KPa
Key 1 No. (Unit selection) -
Power Battery operated l with built-in Li-ion battery through 5 VDC Adaptor
Connections Ferruless union Minishell 5 Pin male on display unit and matching 5 pin (female) on Probe
Size 140 x 120 x 70 mm
Weight 500 Gm
Probe 1.2 Cms dia & 17 Cms length with 2 meter cable

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