Resistance Temperature Meter

A handy and accurate industrial temperature meter

Temperature is one of the most commonly measured parameter in various fields including air pollution monitoring, process industry and most work places. Accurate and reliable measurement of temperature in various ranges requires a properly designed and working instrument.

Available Models : PSI-RTM 1, PSI-RTM 2

Description :

PSI-RTM is a compact hand held microprocessor based instrument which utilizes a three wire RTD as the temperature sensor element. Pt100 is the standard RTD used. Pt1000 is available as an option.

Salient Features :

  • Microprocessor based Design
  • Excellent accuracy and Resolution
  • Backlit Alphanumeric Display
  • Compact and lightweight

Detailed Technical Specifications :

RTD Used Standard PT-100 Optional PT-1000
Range -35 to 250°C
Accuracy .01°C
Temperature Sensor RTD
Unit of measurement °C
Display 2 lines x 16 character alphanumeric LCD
Power 3.6 Volts Li-ion Battery
Battery Charging Voltage 5 VDC
Charger AC mains adaptor USB
Data Transmission NA USB
Thermocouple Connections Mini-shell 3 pin
Size 110 W x 90 H x 60 mm D 200 L x 100 W x 35 mm D
Weight 300 grams 350 grams

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