Ambient Fine Dust Sampler (Remodelled)

Driven by the need for wider compatibility in sync with (for pandering to) Indian industry’s bias favouring mass flow sensor for air flow measurement in air sampling.

Available Model : PEM–ADSM 2.5µ/10µ

AMBIENT FINE DUST SAMPLER Model PEM-ADS 2.5 / 10µ has been Polltech’s flagship product which has gained industry wide acceptance particularly because of the accuracy, stability and constancy of flow measurement and control afforded therein. The method employed is an approved method by various authorities including USEPA and Indian CPCB.

Polltech’s has thus far steadfastly persisted with volumetric flow measurement and control based on an orifice metering. It has been a late realization that many users in India for some reasons, which are more advertorial than soundly technical, seem to prefer a mass flow sensor based flow measurement. Therefore, in deference to their preference and in tune with our mission of providing comprehensive service to all our customers, existing and potential alike, we have decided to adopt as an alternative Mass Flow sensor based flow measurement.

Accordingly, driven by the desire to serve a wider clientele, Polltech has remodeled its Ambient Fine Dust Sampler. The remodeled sampler is christened as Model PEM–ADSM 2.5 / 10 where M symbolizes the deployment of a mass flow based sensor for measurement of flow.

Ambient Fine Dust Sampler (Remodelled) ( AFDSM )

Ambient Fine Dust Sampler Model PEM-ADSM-2.5/10µ is an advanced fine dust sampler, which is used to determine the concentration of PM2.5 (AED ≤ 2.5 microns) and PM10 (AED ≤ 10 microns) in atmosphere. It has been specifically designed to comply with EPA reference method for determination of PM2.5 and employs a WINS Impactor (2.5µ cut stage) in series with a PM10 size separator. When used without WINS Impactor, it becomes a standard reference method instrument for PM10 sampling.

Common Applications :

  • Routine Monitoring by air monitoring networks
  • Compliance Monitoring of ambient air in industrial areas
  • Investigative Air Monitoring for pollution surges
  • Roadside Monitoring in urban areas
  • Open Spaces like forests and national parks air monitoring.
  • Data reporting for monthly and yearly averages by local area air quality networks.
  • Perimeter monitoring by industries like Chemical, Fertilizers, Petrochemical etc.
  • Monitoring Stations by industries for ISO Compliance
  • Construction and mining sites
  • Waste Disposal sites.
  • Third Party Assessments like Impact Analysis Evaluations, Factory Act Compliance, Environment Impact Assessments and ISO 14001,18001 Audit Compliances
  • Use in educational institutes for demonstrations and practical usages.
  • Various Research studies in environmental, health and science areas.

Physical Design Highlights :

PEM–ADS 2.5/10µ comprises an improved louvered PM10 sampling Inlet, a PM-10 size separator, a WINS impactor, a filter holder for 47mm dia. filter, a flow measurement system, a proportioning valve for flow control, a sampling pump, sensors (for measurement of ambient pressure and temperature) and an electronic control module (ECM). All these assemblies along are housed in an enclosure suitable for outdoor environment.

The Sampling pump can be optionally located in a separate housing.

The air flow is measured by measuring the differential pressure across an orifice plate installed in the sampling line. The pressure at the inlet of the orifice and differential pressure across it is measured with Solid State pressure sensors.

The ECM is a microprocessor-based electronic unit which carries out multiple functions of monitoring, control, regulation, timing, computation and Operator Machine Interface.

Technical Specifications :

Particulate Sampling

Sampling Inlet Improved Louvered Inlet with PM10 size separator and sample transport tube
PM 2.5 Size Separator EPA PM2.5 WINS Impactor
Sampling Flow Rate 16.67 LPM
Sampling Pump A low noise diaphragm type non-pulsating pump with brushless AC motor
Filter Holder Suitable for the below mentioned filter media
Filter Media 47mm dia. PTFE, Nylon, Glass Fiber and Quartz Fiber filters,
Enclosure Powder coated metallic housing suitable for outdoor use
Over all Height: 1.75mtrs ( from ground to top of Sampling inlet) with a Tripod stand
Power 230 V AC ± 10%, 50 Hz.( 110 V, 60 Hz Optional )

Microprocessor based Electronic Control Module Specifications

Display 20 Characters X 4 lines LCD Module
Displayed Parameters Sample No., Flow Rate, Time of Sampling , Total Volume of Sampling, Barometric Pressure, Ambient Temperature, Filter Temperature(Other Parameters on demand)
Flow Measurement and Control
Flow Measurement methodology Mass Flow Sensor
Flow measurement updation Every 5 seconds
Flow Measurement accuracy ± 2% of reading
Flow Setting Range 16.67 LPM ±20%
Flow Control Mode Automatic - closed loop feedback control
Flow Control accuracy Better than +/- 3% over 24 hours @ 16.67 LPM
Flow Computations Flow corrected for actual operating condition, 5 minute Flow average, Coefficient of variance (CV)
Parameters Reported & displayed 5 minute Flow Average, Coefficient of variance (CV) of Flow
Totalizing Time of occurrence and duration of Flow Out of Specs Event
Range & Resolution Computation of cumulative sampled volume from the measured flow rate
0.01 to 99.99 M3 and 0.01 M3
Update period 5 Seconds
Barometric Pressure Measurement
Measurement and Display Range 600 to 800 mm Hg with a resolution of 1 mmHg
Values Recorded and Displayed Average, Minimum and Maximum values of Ambient Pressure
Ambient Temperature Measurement
Measurement and Display Range 0oC to 50oC with a resolution of 0.1 oC
Values Recorded and Displayed Average, Minimum and Maximum values of Ambient Temperature
Filter Temperature Measurement & Control
Measurement and Display Range 0oC to 50oC with a resolution of 0.1 oC
Values Recorded and Displayed Differential between Filter Temperature and Ambient Temperature exceeding 2oC
Control Element Filter cooling fan
Parameters Recorded and Displayed Average, Minimum and Maximum values of Filter Temperature, Time of occurrence and duration of Differential Temperature exceeding 5oC
System Leak Test
Leak Rate < 80 cc per minute carried out for Internal and External leak with leak test adaptor
Parameters Reported Observed Leak rate value for Internal and External Leak test
Electronic Timer and Time Totalizer
Start / Stop Timing Automatic Start / Stop of sampling with manual mode or Programmable Real Time Clock mode.
Time Totalization Electronic Timer / Time Totalizer of 24 hours
Clock Timing Accuracy +/- 2 minutes / month
Data Storage, Transfer, Reporting and Presentation
Data transfer ports 2 USB Ports ( Host & Device ) for Data transfer to PC & Pen Drive
PC Software Retrieves and stores data sample wise. Enables viewing and printing of data
Physical Characteristics
Size 420 x 380 x 930 mm
Weight Without gaseous sampling add-on: 24 Kg
With gaseous sampling add-on: 28 Kg

Accuracy Specifications Summary

Flow Measurement Accuracy ± 2% of reading
Accuracy of Flow Control Better than +/- 3% over 24 hours @ 16.67 LPM
Programmable Real Time Clock / Timer Accuracy +/- 2 minutes / month
Leak Rate < 80 cc per minute

Operating Environment

Temperature 5 to 50oC
Relative Humidity Upto 95% non condensing


Add-on Name
Low Flow SPM Inlet Model PEM-ALSPM-X Retrofit add-on for replacing PM10 inlet to enable SPM sampling
Standard Ambient Gaseous Sampling Equipment * PEM-ASCIB 1-X Add-on for sampling of upto 4 gaseous pollutants.
Thermo-electric Cooled Ambient Gaseous Sampling Equipment * PEM-TECIB 1-X Add-on for gaseous pollutant sampling with thermo-electric cooling.

Accessories :

Silicone oil for WINS impactor, Filters of various media, Filter Carrier with Filter Cassette , Carry bag.

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