Temperature and Humidity Meter

A must have accessory for complying with NABL accreditation requirements for calibration of air pollution monitoring instruments.

Measurement of Relative Humidity (RH) and temperature is required extensively in Air Pollution Monitoring. The various standard calibration procedures approved by NABL mandate the measurement of relative humidity and temperature at operating conditions for applying the necessary corrections to the measurements.

Available Model : PSI-RHT 1

Temperature and Humidity Meter

Range :

Relative Humidity 0 – 100 %
Resolution 40 to +60oC

Application :

Applying necessary corrections to measurements made by air pollution monitoring instruments at operating and atmospheric conditions.

Physical Design Highlights

PSI-RHT-1 utilizes a high accuracy precision solid-state sensor probe and a compact microprocessor based electronic unit. The electronic unit processes the signal from the sensor and indicates RH and temperature measurements on its display unit.

It can be used for measurement either in open atmosphere or can be inserted in to any closed chamber.

The display indicator works on 5 VDC which is provided through an ac mains adaptor.

Salient Features :

  • Simultaneous measurement of RH and Temperature
  • Useful for open atmosphere as well in a closed chamber.
  • Microprocessor based Design
  • Excellent accuracy and Resolution
  • Backlit Alphanumeric Display
  • Compact and lightweight

Technical Specifications :

Relative Humidity Temperature
Range 0 – 100 % - 40 to +600C
Accuracy ± 0.8 % ± 0.20C
Resolution 0.01% 0.010C
Media Air or non-corrosive gases
Display 32 character large alphanumeric LCD
Power 5 VDC through 230 V ± 20% AC Mains Adaptor
Connections Mini-shell 5 pin (female) on Probe with matching male connector on display unit
Probe dimensions Diameter :1.2 cm, Length: 17 cm , cable length: 2 m
Display unit Size 110 mm W x 90 mm H x 60 mm D
Weight 300 g

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