NextGen Low Flow Air Sampler LFAS 4

With digital flow meter, volume totalizer and a special sampling pump

Low Flow Air Sampler is an easy-to-carry around sampler for determining the concentration of toxins in ambient and workplace environments.

Handy Air Sampler HAS 1

Latest addition to the well know family of Low Flow Air Samplers. Specially suited for very low flow applications.

Available Model : PEM – LFAS4

Our Low Flow Air Samplers LFAS2 and LFAS3 have been quite popular in the industry for determination of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and toxic pollutants. They have owed their popularity to their simple design, compact and lightweight construction among other features.

LFAS2 and LFAS3 have been utilizing traditional yet time honoured method of flow measurement, indication and control techniques. Rotameters have been used for flow measurement and indication and needle valves are the flow control devices. These rotameters encounter problems in field since the rotameter float does not move freely and therefore it gives faulty flow reading. This happens either due to dust particles in the glass tube of rotameter or due to uneven surface at the sampling location. These errors are totally eliminated in our new design.

In tune with our philosophy of utilizing state of art techniques, we now offer a ‘Next Generation’ Low Flow Air Sampler with enhanced features

  • A special sampling pump suited specifically for low to very low flow requirements
  • Digital flow metering
  • Volume totalization
  • Digital Timer

Applications :

  • Compliance Monitoring in industrial areas
  • Investigative Air Monitoring for pollution surges
  • Workplace monitoring for exposure compliance
  • VOC Monitoring
  • Fugitive gas monitoring
  • Sick Building Investigations
  • Factory Act Compliance
  • Data Collection and Reporting
  • Hospitals
  • Elderly care facilities
  • Laboratories

Physical Design Highlights :

The sampler comprises a sampling train, a suction pump, a digital flow measuring device, a flow controller and an Electronic assembly. The sampling train accommodates the adsorbent tube. Pollutant-specific adsorbent is packed into the adsorbent tube for entrapping the pollutant of interest. The sampler is made of light weight powder coated aluminum and houses all the components and subassemblies.

The sampling pump is a special pump which affords very low flow. The flow measuring device is a specially designed electronic flow measuring device which is suitable for accurately measuring the desired low to very low flow.

It utilizes a single flow measuring device and a single flow control device.

Salient Features :

  • Adsorption tube sampling methodology for a wide range of Organic compounds
  • Portable, Compact and light weight
  • Microprocessor Based Electronics Timer Cum Time Totalizer for operation in cyclic
  • Digital Flow meter and Volume Totalizer
  • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery with fuel gauge
  • Suitable for Shop Floor or Ambient Air Quality Monitoring

General Specification :

Sampling System

Sampling methodology Adsorption tube sampling
Adsorption Tube Size ( Diameter) 6 mm
Adsorption media Activated Charcoal, Tenax GC
Number of Adsorption tubes One (1)
Number of Adsorption tubes One (1)
Tube Holder Suitable for the above mentioned adsorbent tubes
Sampling Suction Pump Diaphragm Type
Sample Nozzles 2 nos. for Sample In & Sample Out
Vacuum Generated > 1500 mm WC
Free Flow Generated > 2 LPM

Flow measurement and display

Flow and Volume Measurement Electronic with digital display on 32 character LCD module.
Flow Measurement range 20-500 cc / minute or user specified
Flow Control Device Fine Needle Valve
Flow Measurement Accuracy ± 3% of full scale


Time Display On 32 character LCD module
Operating keys 4 nos.
Electronics Microprocessor based
Sampling Mode Programmable – Continuous or Cyclic
Sample Time Settable from 0 to 999 minutes for automatic stop after the set time
Timer accuracy ± 1 minute over full timer range
Run Time with fully charged battery More than 10 hours


Enclosure ABS with laminated front panel
Sample Nozzles 2 nos. for Sample In & Sample Out
Physical Dimensions 20. x 12 x 8 Cms
Weight 1kg

Accuracy Specifications :

Flow Measurement Accuracy ± 3% of full scale
Time Measurement Accuracy ± 1 minute over 8 hours.

Operating Environment :

Power 7.2 VDC from Li-ion battery with fuel gauge
Battery Charger Internal
Temperature 5 to 50o C
Relative Humidity Upto 95% non condensing

Comparison with similar products

Low Flow Air Sampler
Personal Air Sampler
Sampling Medium
Activated Charcoal, Tenax GC and other various adsorption tubes
Sampling Tube Quantity
Housing / Holder
Suitable for 6 mm dia adsorbing tube
Simultaneous Sampling
Suction Pump
Diaphragm Type
> 1500 mm WC
Free Flow
> 2 LPM
Flow Meter Range
10-100 cc / minute or 20-200 cc / minute or 50-500 cc / minute (user specified)
50-500 cc/ minute 20.0-500.0 cc / minute or user specified on digital display
Flow Control Fine Needle Valve
Fine Needle Valve 2 Nos.
Needle valve
Time Display
3 digit 7 segment LCD Display
Nil 32 character LCD module.
Operating keys
4 nos.-Delay Time , Sample Time, Start, Stop
Not provided 4 nos.
Microprocessor based
Not applicable Microprocessor based
Delay Time
Settable from 0 to 99 minutes for automatic start after the delay time
Not applicable Not provided
Sample Time
Settable from 0 to 999 minutes for automatic stop after the set time
Not applicable Settable from 0 to 999 minutes for automatic stop after the set time
Cyclic Mode
Not provided
Not provided Provided
Enclosure Cabinet
Al with laminated front
Poly carbonate with laminated front ABS with laminated front panel

Accessories and Consumables :

  • Activated Charcoal tubes
  • Tedlar bags
  • Carry Bags

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