Method 6 : Sulphur Dioxide (SO2)

PEM–SSCIB1-X is an add-on which enables sampling of gaseous pollutants by Polltech’s Stack Monitoring products viz. Automatic Stack Monitoring System PEM–SMS-4 and Manual Stack Monitoring Kit PEM–SMK-10. In its standard configuration the equipment houses six glass impingers tubes (4 of 125 ml & 2 of 250 ml capacity) in an impinger box. It has provision for filling with ice and drainage of water. The inlet and outlet connections for drawing the stack effluents through the impingers are also provided. Optionally the equipment can be provided custom designed on specific request with other combinations of impingers. The standard equipment is suitable for sampling of moisture, SO2 and many other gases.

Method 6 : Sulphur Dioxide (SO2)

Polltech also provides gaseous sampling equipment for US EPA Method-8, Method-23, Method-26 & 26A and Method-29. The equipment can be supplied with various types of impingers fitted with spherical ball and cup joints, knock out impingers, impingers filled with silica gel and those with arrangement for measurement of temperature of outgoing gas. Equipment with glass impingers of 500 ml capacity is also available.

Available Model : PEM-SSCIB1-X

Salient Features :

  • Graduated Glass Impingers of Borosil make
  • Light Weight Fiber Box
  • Thermally Insulated Ice Cold Box
  • Six Glass Impingers
  • Spherical Ball & Cup Joints (Optional)

Specifications :

Equipment Item Specifications
Glass Impingers 120 ml Midget type- 4 Nos.
Glass Impingers 250 ml Greenburg-Smith modified impingers-2 Nos.
Connections - Internal Soft PVC or Silicon Tubing
Connections - External Push fit Unions suitable for 12 mm OD tube
Cabinet Light weight thermally insulated Box with water drain
Dimension & Weight 20(W) x 43(L) x 35(H) Cm. Wt. 5 Kg

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