Thermocouple Simulator

A handy tool for on-site temperature meter calibration

Accurate and reliable measurement of temperature in industrial processes and air pollution monitoring applications requires a reliably working temperature measurement system.

A commonly employed instrument for temperature measurement comprises a thermocouple temperature sensor and an electronic unit. The electronic unit processes the thermocouple output, provides cold junction compensation and computes the temperature and displays the same in appropriate units.

Testing and calibration of thermocouples at different temperatures becomes very difficult, particularly in on-site applications because of the difficulty in handling the standard heat sources such as temperature baths in away from laboratory situations.

Thermocouple Simulator

A thermocouple simulator is a standard tool which comes in handy in tiding over these problems of on-site temperature calibrations. The simulator gives a mV output corresponding to the selected thermocouple and the set temperature.

Polltech has designed and manufactures a thermocouple simulator to enable easy and quick on-site temperature calibrations.

Available Model : PGE-TS1


Type J 0 – 1200oC
Type K 0 - 1200 oC


Calibration of Temperature meters using Type & Type K thermocouples sensors

Physical Design Highlights

PGE-TS1 is designed to be a hand held battery operated instrument. Its microprocessor based electronics is housed in an elegant ABS plastic cabinet. It is also provided with a user controllable thermocouple selection switch. The instrument is provided with fine and coarse controls to adjust the output to a desired value. The millivolts corresponding to the set temperature is output on colour coded banana plugs. The set temperature value and the corresponding mV value is displayed on a 16 Characters x 2 lines backlit LCD module.

Salient Features :

  • Highly stable output
  • user enabled auto zero
  • User selectable simulated thermocouple from Type J and Type K
  • Microprocessor based Design
  • Excellent accuracy and Resolution
  • Backlit Alphanumeric Display
  • Display of set temperature in oC and the output mV
  • Compact and lightweight

Detailed Technical Specifications :

Simulated Thermocouples ANSI J ANSI K
Settable Temperature Range 0 – 1200 oC 0 – 1370 oC
mV output Range 0-69.553 mV 0-54.886 mV
Accuracy Better than ±1 oC
Resolution 1oC
Display 2 lines x 16 character alphanumeric LCD
Power 3.6 Volts Li-ion Battery
Battery Charging Voltage 5 VDC
Charger AC mains adaptor, USB
Size 110 W x 90 H x 60 mm D
Weight 300 grams

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