Consumables for Ambient and Workplace Monitoring Instruments

We manufacture a number of components which are based on our proprietary designs and specifications. These accessory components are essential for the operation of our instruments and are also supplied as spares for replacement of the parts which may get worn out during operation of the instruments. We also manufacture a number of devices and components which enhance the functional capabilities of the instruments. These are supplied as optional accessories.

We also incorporate into our instruments a number of standard and commonly available components and devices. We also supply accessories for use with some third party instruments. We have tie ups with various traders and suppliers to ensure continued availability of these items.

We stock the required consumables to free our customers from the trouble of maintaining and managing inventories and insulate them against non-availability of these commonly used items while being able to be your one stop solution provider for all your air monitoring needs.

Filters of various media and sizes

We offer filters of various media like cellulose, glass micro fibre, quartz, nylon etc in commonly available standard sizes as well as non standard sizes. These are available only in standard packs. These consumables find continuous uses in most particulate samplers for sampling ambient and workplace air for particulate concentrations.

Useful In :

High Volume Sampler, High Volume PM10 Sampler, Ambient Fine Dust Sampler, Handy Air Sampler, Portable Gas Sampler, Low Flow PM10 Sampler, Low Flow Air Sampler, Personal Air Sampler

Silicone Oil

An indigenous equivalent to the Dow Corning 704 diffusion pump silicone oil is a low volatility oil which is used in the WINS Impactor for soaking of the filter paper, prior to sampling that allows targeting the trapping of fraction of particles between 2.5 and 10 microns. This ensures no re-entrainment of particles in this range.

Useful In :

Ambient Fine Dust Sampler.

Carbon Brushes

Used as replacements for worn out brushes in brush type blowers of ambient samplers.

Useful In :

High Volume Sampler, High Volume PM10 Sampler.

High Speed Belts

Used as replacements for worn out belts in brush less blowers of ambient samplers.

Useful In :

High Volume Sampler, High Volume PM10 Sampler.

Chemical Reagent Kits

These kits enable quantitative estimation of pollutants like SO2, NOx and NH3. Reagents for other pollutants can also be supplied on demand.

Useful In :

Gaseous Sampling Attachments in High Volume Sampler, High Volume PM10 Sampler and Ambient Fine Dust Sampler, Portable Gas Sampler, Handy Air Sampler, Thermo electric Cooled Gas Sampler.

Activated Charcoal tubes

These tubes are made of solid glass and contain activated charcoal adsorbent for adsorption of Volatile Organic Compounds. They come in two sizes: standard and large.

Useful In :

Low Flow Air Sampler, Personal Air Sampler