PEM-SMS 4 Control Module

This control module is a very versatile microprocessor based electronic system which is programmed carries out a variety of functions as follows

* Instrumentation & data acquisition : It interfaces with various sensors, carries out the signal processing, engineering unit conversion for measurement of Stack gas Temperature, Pitot Tube ∆p, Stack gas / orifice inlet pressure, Orifice meter ∆p, Orifice meter Gas Temp., Cooled Gas outlet Temperature

Automatic Isokinetic Stack Monitoring System Model PEM-SMS 4

* Computations : It is programmed to automatic Moisture Concentration, Stack gas Velocity, Average Stack Gas Velocity, Computed Iso-kinetic Flow Rate, Actual Sampling Flow Rate, Total Volume Collected (STP), Gaseous Flow Rate (STP), Gaseous Volume, Total sampling Time, Leak rate, PM concentration, Volumetric Discharge, Emission Rate.

* Data Management : It includes an internal non-volatile memory which stores the various results of data acquisition and computations

* User interface : It comprises a 32 character large LCD module, a ten-keys keypad to enable the user to issue commands and view the prompts, messages and results of data acquisition and computations. It interacts with the user to guide him through the various steps and stages of sampling.

* Computer interface : The control module also includes a USB port for interfacing with a PC and transferring the data to the PC where an application software program carries out the data processing and management including presentation, reporting and storage.

The control module includes the various transducers, the signal processing electronics and pneumatic connection hardware and controls. It is housed in a lightweight Aluminum easy- -to-carry box and operates on a rechargeable battery.

Technical Specifications :

Display 32 character Large LCD module
Keys 10 Nos. (PARAMETER. PROG. / RUN, RESULT-START / ↑, STOP / ↓ , → ← & ENTER)
Sampling Modes Particulate / Moisture / Gaseous Sampling
User Supplied Parameters Barometric Pressure or Altitude. Pitot tube co-efficient. Stack or Duct dimensions. Molecular weight or composition of stack gas. Condensate Water. Initial & Final weight of filter thimble
Measured and Displayed Parameters
Stack gas Temperature Ambient to 600 °C or 1200 °C
Pitot Tube ∆p 0 to 200.0 mm WC
Stack gas / orifice inlet pressure 0 to 760 mmHg
Orifice meter ∆p 0 to 200.0 mm WC
Orifice meter Gas Temp. 0 to 60 °C
Cooled Gas outlet Temp. 0 to 55 °C
Computed Parameters
Moisture Concentration 0.1 to 60 %
Stack gas Velocity 0 to 99.9 m / s
Computed Iso-kinetic Flow Rate 10-100 LPM
Actual Sampling Flow Rate 10-100 LPM
Total Volume Collected (STP) 0-999.9 Liters
Gaseous Flow Rate (STP) ~1 to ~2 LPM
Gaseous Volume 0 to 99.9 liters
Total sampling Time 0 to 999 minutes 59 seconds
Leak rate 0 to 9.9 LPM
Other Parameters PM concentration, Volumetric Discharge, Emission Rate, Average Stack Gas Velocity
Parameters Storage For 10 samples
Communication port USB Port for data transfer to pc.
Window based pc software provided on cd
Type of Data Transferred All measured parameters, all computed parameters and all user supplied data
Pneumatic Connections Push fit unions: 2 Nos. for 6mm OD and 2 Nos. for 12mm OD PU tube
Power From Rechargeable Li-ion battery
External charging adaptor for 110-230 VAC.
Housing High quality, light-weight aluminum box with hinges & lock
Dimensions 350x 280 x 150 mm
Weight 6 kg