PUF3 - Polyurethane Foam Sampler

Helping you measure the toxic organic compounds in ambient air.

A sampling instrument that enables measurement of particulates and PCBs and PAH present in the air by entrapping them in Polyurethane Foam as per US EPA Method TO9A

Available Model : PEM-PUF 3

A PUF Sampler simultaneously collects suspended airborne particulates as well as traps airborne organic vapors such as Pesticides, Polychlorinated bi phenyls-PCBs, Dioxin, Furan and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons(PAHS) etc.

PUF3 - Polyurethane Foam Sampler

Applications :

  • Routine Monitoring by air monitoring networks
  • Compliance Monitoring in industrial areas
  • Vehicular Pollution Monitoring in urban areas
  • Monitoring Stations for ISO Compliance
  • VOC Monitoring
  • Fugitive gas monitoring
  • Chemical, Petrochemical, Paint, Cosmetics etc
  • Demos and Operation Trainings.
  • Evaluative Studies
  • Health Impact Studies

Physical Design Highlights

A PUF Sampler comprises a sampling head; a suction blower; a flow measuring device, a flow control device and an Electronic control Module. All these components and assemblies are housed in a sturdy cabinet.

The sampling head is a dual chambered aluminum container which houses both the filtering systems.

The upper chamber supports the airborne particulate filter media in a circular filter holder.

The lower chamber encompasses a glass cartridge which contains the Polyurethane Foam for vapor entrapment.

This dual chambered sampling module is designed for easy access to both upper and lower media. The threaded lower canister is removable with the cartridge intact for immediate exchange. Filter support screens and module components are equipped with gaskets providing a leak proof seal during the sampling process.

Salient Features :

  • Meets requirements of EPA Method, T09A
  • Accurate electronic volumetric flow control system.
  • Wide flow range of 160 to 280 LPM
  • Time based multiple sampling programs.
  • Data logging for more than one sample runs.
  • User Interface comprising LCD module and keypads for sample run setting.
  • Simple setting up of sampling periods.
  • Compact lightweight brush type blower for PUF 1
  • Ultra-efficient, long life brushless, noiseless blower motor for PUF 2
  • Automatic supply voltage monitoring and shut down facility for preventing instrument damage.
  • Durable Weather-proof high quality anodized / powder coated aluminum cabinet.

Model Comparison

The three models mainly differ in the type of blower used and size of the enclosure

Feature PEM-PUF3
Blower Type Brushless DC Blower
Main Cabinet
Size 530 x 370 x 300 mm
Weight 18 Kg

Sampling Specifications

Pollutants Sampled Particulates: dioxins, PCBs, Pesticides etc. Vapours : VOCs
Sampling Head Dual Chamber – upper chamber for particulates; lower chamber for VOCs
Particulate collection media 102 mm Round Quartz Filters (QMA4) – supported in a suitable filter holder
VOCs collection media PUF / XAD cartridge – housed in a removable glass cartridge
Sampling Inlet for SPM Gable Roof Model PEM-PUFX
Sampling Inlet for PM10 Size Selective Inlet PEM-PUFX-10
Cabinet Material Powder coated Aluminum
EPA method complied TO 4A, TO 9A, TO 13A

General Specification

Model →
Specs. ↓
PEM-PUF-2 - 10µ
Display 32 character (2 lines x 16 character) backlit LCD Module.
Keys 6 Nos..
Real Time Clock (RTC) Provided for Setting Delay Time and Sampling Time
Delay Time Programmable with Real Time Clock
Sampling Time Programmable upto 199 hrs. 59 mts. with Real Time Clock
Electronic Time Totalizer Upto 199 hrs. 59 mts.
Automatic Sampling Control Fully programmable electronic timer to automatically shut off system after preset time interval. Facility for programming ON / OFF Time in cyclic mode.
Additional sampling control facility Timer stops on no flow or very low flow
Cyclic Mode Programming Programming ON / OFF Time in cyclic mode
Flow Measurement Basis Flow is inferred from differential pressure (dp) across an exhaust orifice
Exhaust Orifice D P measuring device Pressure sensor
Flow inferring Technique Computed programmatically
Constant Flow Control mode Variable Frequency Drive
Flow Control Accuracy Within 2% of set value irrespective of dust load and main voltage variation.
Flow Range 160 to 280 LPM
Volume Totalizer Range Upto 999.9 M3 STP Corrected and operating conditions
Temperature Measurement
( for STP correction )
Solid State Temperature Sensor
Internal Memory for Data Storage Capable of storing data pertaining to 10 samples
Parameters Stored in internal memory Sampling time, volume, minimum, maximum and average flow, the minimum & maximum ambient temp.
Additional information stored in internal memory Average flow, Constant Flow Volume, Non Constant Flow Volume with respective time stamps, log of power interruptions with details on durations and time
Data Transfer to Pen Drive USB port: ECM functions as Host and Pen Drive as device
Windows based PC Interface USB port: PC functions as Host and ECM as device
PC Interface software Windows based Software includes facility to acquire and save data from control module including flow data and power interruptions for further processing and plotting flow data in circular chart format indicating flow variation over 24 Hrs. It also facilitates programming all sampling parameters including Start and Stop time etc.
Safety Features Automatic Stoppage of Sampling due to under voltage, over voltage, low flow and high Flow conditions
Blowers Types Brushless DC Blower
Power Supply 170 to 270 V AC, 1 Phase, 50 Hz

Accuracy Specifications

Flow Measurement Accuracy ± 3 %
Flow Control Within 2% of set Value with Constant Flow Controller using Variable Frequency Drive irrespective of dust load & mains voltage variation.

Operating Environment

Temperature 5 to 500oC
Relative Humidity Upto 95% non condensing

Accessories and Consumables :

  • Quartz Microfiber filter paper
  • PUF Cartridge 75mm
  • Empty Glass Cartridge for PUF with SS Screen
  • Teflon caps for sealing glass cartridges
  • Silicone Gasket
  • Transportation Container for storing PUF Cartridges

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