Handy Air Sampler HAS 2

Enables workplace monitoring to enhance workmen safety.

New Handy Air Sampler is more compact, lightweight portable battery operated instrument with digital display of Flow and sampled Volume which facilitates sampling of gases pollutant accurately.

Handy Air Sampler HAS 2

Available Model : PEM – HAS 2

PEM–HAS 2 is a compact, light weight battery operated sampler which is is designed for determination of toxic pollutants such as SO2, NO2, Cl2, NH3, H2S etc. in ambient and workplace environments. The sampler employs wet chemical methodology for sampling the air for toxic gas and other pollutants.

Applications :

  • Compliance Monitoring in industrial areas
  • Investigative Air Monitoring for pollution surges
  • Workplace monitoring for exposure compliance
  • For monitoring emission from fume hoods, ducts etc
  • Fugitive gas monitoring
  • Sick Building Investigations
  • Factory Act Compliance
  • Data Collection and Reporting

Salient Features :

  • Wet Chemical sampling methodology
  • Very Compact and light weight
  • Microprocessor Based Digital Flow Indicator and Controller with Volume Meter
  • Continuous or Cyclic Mode
  • Electronics Timer Cum Time Totalizer
  • Variable Flow Setting with automatic flow control
  • Operates on a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery.
  • Mains operated battery charger supplied with the instrument.
  • Suitable for Shop Floor or Ambient Air Quality Monitoring.

Physical Design Highlights :

PEM–HAS 2 comprises a sampling train, a suction pump, a digital flow measuring device, an electronic flow controller and an Electronic timer-time totaliser, assembly. The sampling train accommodates two glass impingers which are housed in thermocole housing. The two impingers are connected pneumatically in series; the sampled air is made to flow through them in succession and therefore, permits sampling for only one pollutant at a time

Handy Air Sampler HAS 2

Pollutant-specific chemical solutions are placed in the glass impingers for entrapping the pollutant of interest.

Sampler housing made of light weight ABS accommodates all the components and sub-assemblies.

The sampling suction pump is of diaphragm type.

Air flow is measured by a specially designed LFE and a precision low pressure sensor. The set flow is electronically controlled by PWM technique.

A microprocessor-based electronic unit carries out the various functions viz. timing, Time totalization (Cumulative Sampling Time), flow measurement, flow controller, volume totalization, sampling mode selection ( continuous or cyclic ) and Operator Machine Interface.

The LCD module (32 character alpha-numeric) display and the key pad serve as the Operator machine interface devices.

General Specifications :

Sampling System

Sampling methodology Wet chemical method sampling
Sampling Medium Chemical reagent specific to the gas sampled
Glass Impingers 2 Nos. Glass Impinger of 35 mL capacity in series
Impingers Housing Thermocole housing
Number of pollutants sampled 1 Gas or particulates from Air
Suction Pump Diaphragm Type
Vacuum >1500 mm WC
Free Flow >3 LPM


Technology Microprocessor based
Display 32 character alpha-numeric LCD Module
Operating Keys 4 nos. Escape, Start/Inc, Stop/Dec, Enter
Sampling Mode Continuous or Cyclic
Sample Time Settable from 0 to 999 minutes for automatic stop after the set time
Flow Display Range 0.20-3.00 LPM
Flow Control Electronic
Volume Display Range 0.1 to 9999 Liters ( auto ranging)
Run Time ( on fully charged battery ) More than 10 hours


Cabinet material ABS with laminated front panel
Dimensions 17 x 19 x 13 cm
Weight 1 kg

Operating Environment :

Power 7.4 VDC from rechargeable Li-ion battery and external charger for battery charging
Battery Charger input power Operates on 100 V to 230 V AC ± 10%, 50/60 Hz
Temperature 5 to 45o C
Relative Humidity Upto 95% non condensing

Comparison with similar products

Instrument Portable Gas Sampler Handy Air Sampler
Sampling Medium
Specific chemical reagents in Glass Impingers
Sampling impingers ( >35 mL capacity Glass)
3 Nos
2 Nos.
Housing Thermally insulated double walled housing Thermocole housing
Simultaneous gaseous Sampling
3 Gases from Air
1 Gas from Air
Simultaneous gaseous / particulate Sampling Possible with low flow rate Possible at high flow rate Not possible
Suction Pump
Diaphragm Type
Vacuum mm WC > 1500 > 5000 > 1500
Free Flow > 3 LPM »10 LPM > 3 LPM
Flow Meter Range 0.3-3 LPM 1- 10 LPM 0.2-3 LPM
Flow Control
3 way Valve Manifold
Mini Ball Valve Electronic
Time Display
3 digit 7 segment LCD Display
32 character LCD Module
Operating keys
4 nos.-Delay Time , Sample Time, Start, Stop
4 nos.- Escape, Start / Inc, Stop/Dec , Enter
Microprocessor based
Delay Time
Settable from 0 to 99 minutes for automatic start after the delay time
Not available
Sample Time
Settable from 0 to 999 minutes for automatic stop after the set time
Stainless Steel with laminated front panel
ABS with laminated front panel

Accessories and Consumables :

  • Carry Bag
  • Filter Holders for 25, 37 & 47 mm dia filter paper
  • Glass Fiber Filters of various sizes
  • Tedlar bags of various sizes
  • Glass Impingers 35 ml
  • Cyclones
  • Chemical Reagent Kits

Related Services :

  • Flow Calibration
  • Time Calibration

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