Manual Isokinetic Stack Monitoring Kit Model PEM-SMK 10

Classical stack monitoring kit with advanced digital features.

Based on US EPA methodologies, Manual Stack Monitoring Kit permits sampling for particulate and gaseous pollutants. Most parameters are displayed on a digital display module. Computations are carried out manually by the user.

Available Models : PEM-SMK-10B, PEM-SMK-10M

The Manual Stack Monitoring Kit is used to take accurate representative samples of particulate matter and various gaseous pollutants such as SO2, NOX etc. emitted from industrial stacks. It facilitates sampling of the stack emissions in accordance with the methodologies developed by US EPA and as specified by CPCB.

Manual Isokinetic Stack Monitoring Kit Model PEM-SMK 10

Applications :

  • Stack emission monitoring by industries like Chemical, Paint, Cement, Fertilizers, Sugar etc.
  • Stack monitoring in Thermal Power Stations
  • Compliance monitoring services
  • Impact Analysis Evaluations
  • ISO 9001,14001,180001 Audit Compliance
  • Engineering and Science Colleges, Universities
  • Demos and Operation Trainings.
  • Lab Applications
  • Fuel efficiency and emission studies.
  • Data Collection and Reporting

Physical Design Highlights :

The two models PEM–SMK-10B and Model PEM –SMK-10M of Manual Stack Monitoring Kit are similar in all respects except two. One difference is the source of power. PEM–SMK-10B is a battery operated instrument where as Model PEM–SMK-10M is a mains cum battery operated instruments. The other difference is that Model PEM–SMK-10M also includes a provision for automatic starting and stopping of the sampling pump. For accomplishing this, two modes are provided viz. timer mode and stop watch mode.

Each model consists of a control module, a sampling pump and a set of standard sampling accessories. A stack gaseous sampling add-on (Model PEM-SSCIB-1X ) with 6 glass impingers is provided as standard accessory for sampling of gaseous pollutants and determination and removal of moisture.

The control module houses a electronic gas flow and volume meter for particulate flow, one gaseous rotameter, two control valves, a vacuum gauge for meter vacuum and a multifunction electronic unit, which gives digital display of the various parameters such as stack gas temperature, meter temperature, Pitot differential pressure along with an electronic stopwatch / timer.

The stopwatch /timer function can be used for auto start and stop of sampling pump when model PEM-SMK 10M is operated on mains power.

Sampling Pump is a very lightweight mono-block dry type pump with a free flow of about 100 LPM.

Standard sampling accessories required for sampling include Pitot tube, thimble filter holder, thimble pipe, nozzles, stack thermo-couple and interconnecting tubes etc. These are provided as part of the kit.

For carrying out gaseous sampling, Impinger Module (Stack gaseous sampling add-on Model PEM-SSCIB-1X) is required. It consists of a thermocole-insulated lightweight, fiberglass cabinet, which is capable of accommodating 4 nos. of 125 ml capacity and 2 nos. of 250 ml capacity glass impingers. The required low temperature is maintained by keeping ice in the module.

Salient Features :

  • Portable, Compact and Light Weight
  • User Friendly Control Module
  • Multi-Function Electronic Unit With Digital Electronic Manometer
  • Electronic Gas Flow & Volume Meter
  • Programmable For Start and Stop of Sampling Pump
  • Digital Display of Stack Gas & Gas Meter Temperatures
  • Light-Weight Sampling Pump
  • Fibre Glass Impinger Module
  • Design Complies with Specifications recommended by US, EPA and CPCB, New Delhi

Technical Specifications :

Sampling accessories

Equipment Item Specifications
Pitot Tube Modified S-type Pitot tube of SS 304 duly calibrated 1 Meter length *
Sampling Probe Fabricated from SS 304 tube (ID >15 mm) 1 Meter length *
Stack Thermocouple 1 Meter long* K type in SS housing with 3 mtr. Cable.
Thimble Holder Tapered design made from SS 304 / 316 for Cellulose & G/F Thimbles.
Poly-urethane Interconnection tubes 12 mm OD x 3 m – 3 Nos. *
6 mm OD x 3 m – 2 Nos. *
Tool kit Containing essential tools required for assembly of Sampling Train

Control Module :

Measured Parameter Required for Methodology Range Accuracy Display
Mode Device
Pitot ∆p Velocity Pressure Sensor 200.0 mm WC
Optional 1300.1 mm WC
±0.5% FS Digital LCD Display Module
Stack Gas Gauge Pressure Velocity, Iso-kinetic particulate sampling and Gaseous sampling
Stack Gas Temperature K Type Thermocouple 600 °C ±2 °C
Particulate Flow Iso-kinetic particulate Sampling Orifice dp measured by Pressure sensor 2-60.0 LPM ±2% FS
Sample Volume Computed from Flow and Time 9999.9 -9999 Liters ±2% of reading
Meter Temperature Iso-kinetic particulate Sampling & Gaseous sampling K Type Thermocouple 600 °C ±1 °C Digital
Meter Vacuum Vacuum gauge 0-760 mmHg ±5% Analog Gauge
Time / Timer Quartz crystal controlled Stop Watch/Timer 9 Hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds ±0.1% Digital LCD Display Module
Gaseous Flow Gaseous Sampling Rotameter 0-6 LPM ±2% Analog Rota-meter
Pneumatic Connections Push fit unions: 2 Nos. for 6mm OD for Pitot tube and 2 Nos. for 12mm OD PU tube for sample inlet and sample outlet
Housing High quality, light-weight powder coated aluminum box

6 VDC from 1.5x4 dry cells or from external adaptor (110-230 V AC).
230 AC for Pump operation for SMK-10M
Size 310 x 320 x 170 mm
Weight about 4 kg

Sampling Pump

Type Mono block, Dry Rotary type pump with Graphite Vanes coupled to ½ H.P. Motor
Free Flow > 95 LPM
Vacuum created > 600 mm Hg
Weight About 7 Kg

Measurement Resolution and Accuracy Summary

Parameter Resolution Accuracy
Pitot ∆P & Stack Gauge Pressure 0.1 mm WC ± 0.5% of F.S.
Stack Gas Temperature 1 °C ± 2 °C
Gas Meter Temperature 1 °C ± 2 °C
Stop Watch for Time 1 s ± 5 s over 10 Hr.

Operating Environment

Temperature 5 to 50 °C
Relative Humidity Upto 95% non condensing

Add-Ons :

Standard Stack Gaseous Sampling Equipment Model PEM–SSCIB-1X.

Accessories and Consumables :

Pitot Tubes : Modified S-type pitot tube of SS 304 duly calibrated. Standard L = 1 Meter. Other lengths optional.

Sampling Probes : Fabricated from SS 304 tube (ID >15 mm). Standard Length = 1 Meter. Other lengths optional.

Nozzles : A set of 3 SS Nozzles (¼”, 3/8 & ½” bore) with sharp & tapered outer leading edge.

Stack Thermocouple : K type in SS housing with 3 mtr. Cable. Standard Length = 1 Meter. Other lengths optional

Filter Holder (for Thimble filters) : Tapered design made from SS 304 / 316 for Cellulose & G/F Thimbles.

Inter Connection Pitot Tubes : 3 Nos. of PU Tubes of 12 mm OD & 2 Nos. PU Tubes of 6 mm OD of each of 3 mtr. length. (Other lengths optional).

Tool kit : Containing essential tools required for assembly of Sampling Train

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