Low Flow PM10/2.5 Sampler ( LFAS 10/2.5)

Carry out PM10/2.5 sampling at low flow rates with this low noise, easily portable sampler.

Built as per the latest US-EPA specifications this PM10/2.5 sampler is designed to operate at low flows for both ambient and workplace monitoring needs.

Available Model: PEM– LFAS10/2.5µ

PEM–LFAS10/2.5 is an advanced PM10/2.5 Sampler designed for determination of particulate matter less than 10µ / 2.5µ in the atmosphere at lower flow rates than the flow rate used in PM10 / PM2.5 High volume samplers.

Since PEM-LFAS10/2.5 operates at low flow rate of 16.7 LPM. It is designed for use with 47mm filter paper. It operates at low noise, is easily portable and uses less consumables than its equivalent high volume counterparts.

Low Flow PM10/2.5 Sampler ( LFAS 10/2.5)

PEM-LFAS10/2.5 is essentially a PM10 sampler which can be used for PM2.5 sampling by incorporating a WINS impactor in tandem with the PM10 size separator. It is designed to work without sensors for barometric pressure and ambient temperature. The flow at operating conditions is computed from the barometric pressure value and the filter temperature. The ambient temperature is measured with a solid state temperature sensor and is automatically acquired by the system, while the barometer pressure value is measured independently and needs to be entered manually This approach affords measurement of PM2.5 at slightly reduced accuracy at significantly reduced costs in comparison with Ambient Fine Dust Sampler, thus making PEM-LFAS10/2.5 a viable alternative to Ambient Fine Dust Sampler.

Common Applications :

  • Workplace monitoring for exposure compliance
  • Compliance Monitoring in industrial areas
  • Investigative Air Monitoring for pollution surges
  • Sick Building Investigations
  • Short Time Surveys
  • Vehicular Pollution Monitoring in urban areas
  • Lab Applications
  • Research Studies
  • Hospitals
  • Elderly care facilities

Physical Design Highlights :

The sampling process involves drawing the air, at a flow rate of at 16.7 LPM, through a Whatman GF/A 47 mm diameter filter paper, which collects the particulate matter present in the sampled air. The air is pre-filtered by making it pass though a sampling inlet before it reaches the filter paper. This arrangement prevents the dust other than PM10 from getting collected on the filter paper. This sampling inlet is an improved louvered inlet which is designed and fabricated as per EPA specifications and has a cut point of 10 microns.

The air flow measurement involves measurement of the differential pressure (dp) measured across an orifice plate installed at the blower exhaust. The flow is inferred from this dp. Flow rate is regulated to ± 3% of set flow.

Model PEM–LFAS10 comprises the above mentioned improved louvered PM10 sampling Inlet, PM10 Size Separator, down tube, PM2.5 WINS impactor, a filter holder for holding the filter, the orifice assembly for flow measurement, a proportioning valve for flow control, a sampling pump and an electronic control module. All these assemblies are housed in an enclosure suitable for outdoor environment.

The electronic control module carries out multiple functions which include Flow control, timing, data acquisition, processing and storage and Human Machine interface. It contains a non-volatile RAM for internal storage of various measured and computed parameters including sampling time, flow and integrated volume. It has an LCD display and a keypad through which the operator interfaces with the sampler.

The sampler can also be used for measurement of SPM (AED ≤ 100 microns) by using TSPM Sampling option in lieu of PM10 sampling inlet.

Salient Features :

  • PM10 Sampler As Per US EPA Specifications
  • PM2.5 & TSPM Sampling Options
  • Improved PM10 Sampling Inlet reducing overall size
  • Microprocessor Based Technology
  • Versatile HMI
  • Delay Time & Sample Time Settings
  • Digital Display Of Flow & Volume at both operating conditions and STP/SATP
  • Electronic Flow Regulation to 3% Of Set Flow
  • Filter Sample Allows Further Analysis
  • Sturdy Construction for Outdoor Use
  • Easy Set-up and Operation

General Specifications :

Particulate Sampling

Sampling Inlet Improved Louvered Inlet with PM10 size separator and sample transport tube
PM 2.5 Size Separator EPA PM2.5 WINS Impactor
Sampling Flow Rate 16.67 LPM
Sampling Pump Low Noise AC Motor driven diaphragm type non-pulsating pump
Filter Media 47mm dia. PTFE, Nylon, Glass Fiber and Quartz Fiber filters,
Filter Holder Suitable for above media
Flow Control Electronic Flow Control with ECM 7L
Enclosure Sturdy Powder Coated Metallic enclosure suitable for outdoor use.
Dimension Size : » 480 x 400 x 310 mm

Electronic Control Module Type: ECM 7L

LCD Display 32 Character Alphanumeric LCD Module with blue backlight
Number of Keys 6
Real Time Clock (RTC) for Setting Delay Time and Sampling Time
Delay Time Programmable through RTC
Sampling Time Programmable upto 199 hrs. 59 mts.
Electronic Time Totalizer Upto 199 hrs. 59 mts
Automatic Sampling Control Fully programmable electronic timer to automatically shut off system after preset time interval. Timer stops when flops below a preset value
Cyclic Mode Programming Programming ON / OFF Time in cyclic mode
Orifice Δp measurement device Pressure sensor
Flow Measurement Basis Flow is cross an in-line orifice
Flow inferring technique Computed programmatically inferred from orifice differential pressure (Δp), barometer pressure(manually entered) and measured Temperature
Flow Control Mode Automatic Closed Loop Feedback
Flow Control Accuracy 3% of set value
Flow Setting Range 15-18 LPM ( at Operating conditions and SATP conditions)
Volume Totalizer Range Upto 99.99 M3 @ operating conditions and STP /SATP Corrected
Temperature Measurement (for STP /SATP correction) Solid State Temperature Sensor
Internal Memory for data storage Capable of storing data pertaining to 10 samples
Parameters Stored in internal memory Sampling time; volume, minimum, maximum and average flow; the minimum & maximum ambient temperature Constant Flow Volume, Non Constant Flow Volume with respective time stamps, log of power interruptions with details on durations and time
Parameter Displayed on LCD Module Elapsed Time, Sampling Flow, Volume Collected
Data Transfer to Pen Drive /PC 2 USB Ports
PC Interface software Windows based Software includes facility to acquire and save data from control module including flow data and power interruptions forfurther processing and plotting flow data in circular chart format indicating flow variation over 24 Hours. It also facilitates programming all sampling parameters including Start and Stop time etc.
Safety Features Automatic Stoppage of Sampling due to under voltage, over voltage, low flow & high Flow conditions

Accuracy Specifications

Flow Measurement Accuracy ± 3%
Flow Control Within 3% of set value with Flow Control valve irrespective of dust load & mains voltage variation.
Timer ± 1 minute over 24 Hours

Operating Environment

Power 230 V AC ± 10%, 50 Hz.( 110 V, 60 Hz Optional )
Temperature 5 to 50oC
Relative Humidity Upto 95% non condensing


Add-on Name
Standard Gaseous Sampling Equipment This basic add-on with icebox cooling allows the LFAS10 to be utilized for sampling of upto four gaseous pollutants in addition to particulates which is the primary function of the equipment.
Thermoelectric Cooled Gaseous Sampling Equipment This advanced add-on with thermo electric cooling allows the LFAS10 to be utilized for sampling of upto four gaseous pollutants in addition to particulates which is the primary function of the equipment.
Low Flow SPM Inlet This assembly is used for determination of the suspended particulate matter content in the air by replacing all inlets with this attachment.

Accessories :

Carry Bag, Folding Tripod for raising height of Sampler to 2 meters, Filter Carrier with Filter Cassette, Filters of various media.

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