PEM-SMK 10 Control Module

This control module houses a electronic gas flow and volume meter for particulate flow, one gaseous rotameter, two control valves, a vacuum gauge for meter vacuum and a multifunction electronic unit, which gives digital display of the various parameters such as stack gas temperature, meter temperature, ambient temperature, Pitot differential pressure along with an electronic stopwatch / timer.

The stopwatch /timer function can be used for auto start and stop of sampling pump when model PEM-SMK 10M is operated on mains power.

Manual Isokinetic Stack Monitoring Kit Model PEM-SMK 10

Control Module :

Measured Parameter Required for Methodology Range Accuracy Display
Mode Device
Pitot ∆p Velocity Pressure Sensor 200.0 mm WC
Optional 1300.1 mm WC
±0.5% FS Digital LCD Display Module
Stack Gas Gauge Pressure Velocity, Iso-kinetic particulate sampling and Gaseous sampling
Stack Gas Temperature K Type Thermocouple 600 °C ±2 °C
Particulate Flow Iso-kinetic particulate Sampling Orifice dp measured by Pressure sensor 2-60.0 LPM ±2% FS
Sample Volume Computed from Flow and Time 9999.9 -9999 Liters ±2% of reading
Meter Temperature Iso-kinetic particulate Sampling & Gaseous sampling K Type Thermocouple 600 °C ±1 °C Digital
Meter Vacuum Vacuum gauge 0-760 mmHg ±5% Analog Gauge
Time / Timer Quartz crystal controlled Stop Watch/Timer 9 Hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds ±0.1% Digital LCD Display Module
Gaseous Flow Gaseous Sampling Rotameter 0-6 LPM ±2% Analog Rota-meter
Pneumatic Connections Push fit unions: 2 Nos. for 6mm OD for Pitot tube and 2 Nos. for 12mm OD PU tube for sample inlet and sample outlet
Housing High quality, light-weight powder coated aluminum box

6 VDC from 1.5x4 dry cells or from external adaptor (110-230 V AC).
230 AC for Pump operation for SMK-10M
Size 310 x 320 x 170 mm
Weight about 4 kg