Programmable Counting System Model PSI-PCS 2

A versatile user friendly timing and counting equipment for use with Alpha, Beta, Gamma probes and Lucas cell PM Probe

One of the methods of quantitative measurement of radio-activity is through the use of a counting system and an appropriate detector probe and associated electronics. The counting system includes timing and counting circuits for counting the electronic pulses produced by the detector by itself or in conjunction with another device. The electronics usually comprises a High Voltage and a pulse shaping circuit which produces a conditioned electronic pulse compatible with counting system.

Available Model : PSI – PCS 2

Physical Design Highlights

Model PSI-PCS2 is a micro-controller based instrument, which includes not only the timing and counting circuits but also encompasses electronic circuits for providing the high voltage, signal conditioning and operator interface. It is user programmable and provides to the user a number of facilities for different types of radiation measurement applications. When used in conjunction with a compatible detector probe it permits detection and counting of Alpha and Beta or Gamma and Beta not simultaneously but sequentially.

Programmable Counting System Model PSI-PCS 2

For alpha and gamma counting applications using a Scintillator-photomultiplier combination, PCS 2 provides the required high voltage through an HV connector and also includes the circuitry for noise discrimination, amplification and pulse shaping. It also provides the requisite High Voltage supply through another HV connector, the paralysis time circuitry, pulse shaping circuitry etc. appropriate for a halogen quenched GM detector for beta counting applications.

The programmability of PCS2 is characterized by the facility to set the values of the various parameters into the inbuilt non-volatile memory program memory of the instrument and to use the same over and over again. The settable (programmable) parameters include Type of Radiation, High Voltage, Discriminator bias, Amplifier gain, Paralysis Time, Start time of Counting (Manual or Real time), Mode of Counting / End Event of Counting (Preset Time / Preset Counts).

Up to 16 programs can be stored with different preset parameter values. It allows for setting up of 99 samples wherein a (sample) number is associated with a program number. PCS2 also includes the facility to view and edit these set parameters from either the front panel or through a PC.


  • Radon measurements in underground mining activities.
  • Radon Measurements in residential houses.
  • Radon measurements in underground bunks and dwellings.
  • Radon and Radium related health studies
  • Radon monitoring in Uranium ore processing facilities
  • Radio-activity and contamination monitoring in various nuclear facilities
  • Radio-activity monitoring in ambient air, water and other environments
  • Nuclear medicine laboratories
  • Uranium explorations
  • Research and Educational Institutes

Salient Features

  • User friendly programming of parameters
  • Program storage capability for re-usability
  • Preset Time and Preset Counts modes of counting
  • High counts capacity
  • Rechargeable battery powered operation
  • Auto-Power save feature
  • Key-lock switch for power control

Compatible Detectors

Alpha Detector ZnS (Ag) Scintillator coupled to Photomultiplier Tube
Beta Detector GM Counter
Gamma Detector NaI (Tl) Scintillator coupled to Photomultiplier Tube
Radon, Thoron and progeny Lucas Cell and Lucas cell PM Probe

Detailed Technical Specifications

High Voltage and Pulse Shaping Electronics

EHT Encapsulated Module Programmable through keypad from 100 Volts to 1200 Volts corresponding to the detector
Accuracy 0.1%
EHT Display resolution 1 Volt
Discriminator bias 0 to 2500 mV
Amplifier gain 1 to 11
Paralysis Time 250, 450,550 millisecond ( Applicable for Beta only)

Timing and Counting

Counting Mode →
Specifications ↓
Preset Time Preset Counts
Maximum Number of Programs 16
Maximum Number of groups per program 16
Maximum Number of Cycles per group 99
Maximum Cycle length 999 time units
Time Units Selectable from : Seconds, Minutes
Maximum Number of Counting sets 16
Maximum Number of preset counts per counting set 99999
Count display resolution 1 Count

Display and Keypad

Display 20 character X 4 line alphanumeric LCD module with blue backlight
Number of Keys 17 Keys
Numeric Keys 0 to 9
Scroll keys 4 (up, down, left, right )
Program / Edit Control keys 2 (Escape, Enter)
Standby key Toggles to put PCS2 into standby / active mode

PC Interface

Communication Port USB type A (device)
USB mode PCS2 is identified as HID
Programming and data retrieval software Windows based application software

Operating Environment

Battery Li- ion battery, 1700 mAH with built-in intelligent charger
Mains input 230 V AC ± 10%
Dimensions & Weight 23 cm x 20 cm x 28 cm 3.5 kg

Accessories :

Alpha Source

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