Method 29 : Metal Emissions

Facilitates measurement of metal emissions per US EPA Method 29

metal emissions sample

Available Model : PEM-MES 1-X


Measurement of metal emissions per US EPA Method 29.

Physical Design Highlights

PEM-MES 1-X consists of a set of glass nozzles, a heated glass lined probe ( model PEM-HGLP 3 ), a heated filter box (model PEM-HFB2), an insulated PTFE sample transport tube and a sample collection equipment consisting of 6 or 7 glass impingers in an impinger box. The metering system for iso-kinetic sampling can be either be a manual kit ( PEM-SMK 10) or automatic kit (PEM SMS-4). The sample collection module can also be provided as add-on for an existing EPA method 5 sampling train.

Salient Features

  • Compliant with US EPA Method 29
  • Can be combined with a Method 5 train
  • Set of Seven Glass Greenburg-Smith Impingers
  • Leak Free Spherical Joints
  • Thermally Insulated Cold Box


Equipment Item Specifications
Impinger Train Seven Greenburg-Smith impingers of 240 ml capacity.
1st Knock-out with short stem, 2nd and 3rd with standard tip, 4th empty, 5th and 6th for Mercury and 7th with silica gel.
Fittings : Leak-free spherical ground glass joints
Gas Temperature Measurement Mercury in Bulb Thermometer / Digital Thermometer
Impinger Box Light weight thermally insulated wooden / aluminum Box
Connections - External Push fit Unions suitable for 12 mm OD tube
Dimension 20(W) x 43(L) x 35(H) cm
Weight 6.5 kg

Salient Features

  • Automatic Stack Monitoring System Model PEM–SMS4
  • Manual Stack Monitoring Kit Model PEM–SMK-10B, PEM–SMK-10B
  • Heated Sampling Probes Model PEM-HGLP3,PEM-HTLP3, PEM-HSLP3
  • Volatile Organic Sampling System Model PEM–VOSS1
  • NOx Sampling Equipment Model PEM–NOS1
  • Halogen and Halides Sampling Equipment Model PEM-HHS-1X
  • PM10 Sampling Equipment Model PEM-STPM-10X
  • PM2.5 Sampling Equipment Model PEM-STPM-2.5X
  • Standard Stack Gaseous Sampling Equipment Model PEM-SSCIB-1X